Creating User Accounts

How to Create User Accounts | Create accounts for users to access and work within Ingeniux CMS.

Each user requires a user account. Administrators create accounts for users to access and work within Ingeniux CMS.

Note: If a user is selected, the New User button dims. Click Cancel to escape the user selection and click New User to create another user.

To create a user account:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Groups > Users.
  2. Click New User. The Info tab displays.

    Adding New User

  3. Configure the following values:
    • User ID: Provide the Windows Domain account (domain\username), LDAP directory account name, email address, or other unique ID.

      Important: The User ID cannot contain spaces. Once the user account saves, the User ID cannot be modified from this field.

    • User Name: Use a friendly name to identify the user.
    • Email: Provide the user's email address to associate with the account and receive notifications. See Email Configuration for details about configuring email routing.
    • Receive Workflow Notifications (optional): If selected, the user receives email notifications when a page in an associated workflow changes workstates.

      Note: The system requires configuration to use a valid local or remote email SMTP server. See SMTP for details.

    • Suspended (optional): If selected, this option temporarily disables the user account (i.e., prevents the user from logging in to the CMS).
      Version Notes: CMS 10.3+
      As of Ingeniux CMS 10.3+, administrators can view the status of each user in the Active column. If the account is suspended, the Active value displays false.

      Users Action Column

    • Integrated Account (optional): If selected, the integrated password management and authentication activates via the CMS RavenDB database or the optional SQL Server database. Complete the following fields to create the user with an integrated account:

      Important: After saving the user account, the Integrated Account checkbox cannot be modified.

      Field Description
      Account Type Select an internal or external credential provider in the drop-down list.

      Note: Ingeniux CMS manages internal account credentials. If users authenticate via an external credential provider (e.g., SAML, Active Directory), then password management is external to the CMS.

      Password Enter the password for the CMS user.
      Confirm Password Reenter the password to verify credentials.

      Note: After logging in, the integrated user can set a new password. Click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the CMS. Select Change Password.

    • Languages (optional): Provide languages the user can read and write to allow the user to perform translation-related actions. See WorldView Translation for details.
  4. Click Save after configuring these values.

    Note: Integrated user accounts receive an email with their account credentials after creation.