Editing Privacy Policy

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.

Clicking Privacy in the Cartella site footer takes users to the privacy policy. Site administrators edit the privacy policy via an XHTML editor.

To edit the privacy policy:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
    The Cartella site home view displays.
  2. Scroll to the footer and click Privacy.

    Click Privacy in Footer

    The Privacy view displays.
  3. Click the Privacy area.

    Click Privacy Area

    Hovering over the Privacy area displays the edit icon and the following tool-tip text:
    Click to edit 'Privacy'
    If no site administrator enters the privacy policy copy, the following text displays:
    [ Click to edit 'Privacy' ]
    If the site administrator deletes the privacy policy copy, no text displays to users.
  4. Enter the privacy policy copy in the XHTML editor dialog. Use the XHTML editor to add formatting, links, media, and view the HTML source code.

    Enter Privacy Policy

  5. Click Save.
    The privacy policy displays in the Policy area.