Configuring Post-Publish Content Processor


When content publishes to a publishing target with a content processor configured, the system runs post-publish processing on the content.

For DITA publishing, the system uses the target's DITA post-publish content processor as part of the DITA publishing pipeline. This triggers post-publish processing for the DITA map and all its dependencies.

DITA publishes and previews require the DITA content processor to be configured in order to run DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) transformations.

To configure a DITA post-publish content processor:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. Select the publishing target where you want to add the DITA post-publish content processor, and select the Post-Publish Processing tab.
  3. Select Add Content Processor > DITA in the Post-Publish Processors Queue header.

    Add DITA Content Processor

    The new DITA content processor displays.

  4. Enter a friendly Content Processor Name.

    New DITA Content Processor

  5. Complete the following steps to apply transformation outputs to the processor.
    1. Click Select Output Formats in the DITA-OT Transformations area.

      The Select Output Formats dialog displays.

    2. Select output formats in the Available Output Formats column.

      Be sure to choose your preferred normalized DITA output, as DITA preview and DSS publishing operations require this output.


      Keep the following in mind.

      • If you don't see a particular output format available, then the output may not be selected in Administration > DITA > DITA Output Formats. See Configuring DITA Open Toolkit Output Formats for details.

      • You can select the Search button

        Search Button

        in the Available Output Formats column, and enter keywords in the field that displays to search for available output formats.

      • You can select the Toggle Select All Items checkbox to select all available outputs.

      The selected outputs display in the Selected Output Formats column. The system will make these outputs available for users to choose from when running DITA publishes.

    3. Select Confirm Selection.

      Your selections display in theDITA-OT Transformations area.

  6. Provide a string to serve as the URL Partial Match for Normalized DITA Content Rendered On DSS.

    This string displays as part of the asset URL for normalized DITA content published to the DSS.

  7. Select or clear the following checkboxes.



    Draft output for DITA Open Toolkit (--args.draft)

    If selected, the DITA-OT transformation includes <required-cleanup> and <drat-comment> content in the final output.

    If excluded, the DITA-OT transformation excludes <required-cleanup> and <drat-comment> content from the final output.


    This setting is a DITA-OT parameter. See DITA-OT: Common Parameters for details.

    Only allow dependency gathering from dependent, top-level DITA map by default

    If selected, only the top-level DITA map that depends on the asset is available for selection.

    If cleared, all DITA maps depending on the asset are available for selection.


    This setting does not apply to side-wide publishes.

  8. Select Save to save the publishing target with the new DITA content processor.