Custom Plug-in Applications

Custom plug-in applications are ancillary utilities that extend the functionality of the CMS. Ingeniux has developed plug-in applications for your use that require no or little configuration.

This section includes:

  • Analytics: The Analytics app helps you monitor the performance of your website by gathering valuable site-wide and page-by-page visitor statistics. This app works with Google Analytics and other analytical tools. It requires some configuration.
  • Site Migrator: This utility packages site content and imports this content while preserving hierarchical page relationships, presentations, schemas, and taxonomy information. Site Migrator is preconfigured, so you can start using it right away.
  • Translation Manager: This application extends WorldView's language management capabilities and requires configuation prior to use.

    Note: "Translation" in Ingeniux CMS refers to the translation of content (WorldView and Translation Manager) and to the translation of UI features (Localization).

Note: See Tab Application in the Development section for instructions on how to develop your own application.