Canceling a Publish

How to Cancel Publishes | Cancel in-progress or pending publishes. This action rolls back changes made to content items before the cancellation.

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

Users with permissions can cancel in-progress or pending publishes. Canceling publishes halts the process at the content item publishing step, rolling back changes to content items published before the cancel.

Important: If the publish reaches the replication step, Ingeniux CMS prevents users from canceling the publish. If the publish completes, users can revert content items to previous checked-in versions. See Using Content Item History for details.

To cancel an in-progress or pending publish:

  1. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor > Publishing.

      Cancel In-Progess Publish

    • Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor > Pending.

      Cancel Pending Publish

  2. Click the publish session's (i.e., Publishing to [name-of-publishing-target]) Cancel (X) button. The confirmation dialog displays.
  3. Click OK. Ingeniux CMS cancels the publish.