Asset Element Attributes

labeltextFriendly name.
readonlytrue, falseWhen true, element is visible, but grayed out and unable to be modified without permission to modify read-only elements.
hiddentrue, falseWhen true, hidden from groups without permission to view hidden elements.
requiredtrue, falseWhen true, the page cannot be checked in without a value in the element.
defaultimage file namePresets the element with a specific image on page creation. The value can be overwritten in the Edit tab.
WidthnumberSets the default HTML width for the image.
HeightnumberSets the default HTML height for the image.
Alignmentleft, right, top, bottom, middle, baseline, texttop, absbottom, absmiddleSets the default HTML alignment for the image.
HSpacenumberSets the horizontal space between the image and surrounding text.
VSpacenumberSets the vertical space between the image and surrounding text.
BordernumberSets the default HTML border for the image.
Expandedtrue, falseWhen true, the element is expanded upon page creation.