Editing Component Content Units

Prerequisites: See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

After creating component content units, you may need to return to them to modify their content.

To edit an existing component content unit:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units.
    The Management screen displays.
  2. Select the Component Content Units tab.
  3. Select the component content unit to edit in the Component Content Units tab.

    Edit Component Content Unit

  4. Click Edit in the Actions menu.
    The Create/Edit screen displays the selected component content unit.
  5. Optional: Provide a thumbnail that represents the component content unit by completing one of the following steps.
    • Select the Upload Thumbnail icon, and select an image from your location machine in the Upload Thumbnail dialog displays.

      Upload Thumbnail

    • Version Notes: CMS 10.6
      Generate a thumbnail graphic based on the component content unit's existing views in CMS 10.6. See CMS 10.6 Generating Component Content Unit View Thumbnails for details.
    Additional Information
    After creating a content unit, Upload Thumbnail displays as active. Uploading a thumbnail image replaces the generic icon to represent the content unit.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.5+

    Select Clear to remove the thumbnail in CMS 10.5+.

    Clear Thumbnail

  6. Make modifications to the appropriate fields. See Creating Component Content Units for field descriptions.
    You can edit some but not all field values in the Create/Edit tab. The inherited, unchangeable schema fields and attributes display as inactive (e.g., Hidden, Read Only, Required, and Indexable).
  7. Select Save in the Content Unit Actions menu.