Copying Schemas

Prerequisites: See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.

When building out the site's schemas, you may find similarities among the schemas you create. Copy an existing schema to use as the base for a new one elsewhere in the site.

Copying a schema duplicates all configurations except for the Display Name and Root Name fields.

To duplicate schema elements rather than the entire schema, see Creating Favorite Element Groups in Schemas for details.
To copy a schema:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select a schema within the Management view.
  3. Click Copy. The Create/Edit view opens a new schema that contains the same element and attribute configurations as the original schema.

    Clone Schema

  4. Enter a Display Name for the new schema. Configure the Content Type and Icon.

    Clone Display Name

  5. Make any desired changes to the schema.
  6. Click Save in the Actions menu. The Save Schema dialog displays.

    Save Schema Dialog

  7. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click Save Draft. Schema Designer saves the schema as a draft.
      If you save the schema as a draft, then the schema cannot be used for new pages, components, or assets. Save the draft as a new version to use the schema.
    • Click Save new version. Schema Designer saves the schema as a new version.