Supplemental Configurations

The Config folder ([Drive]:\[path-to-DSS-root-directory]\Config) is the default location where the following supplemental configuration files reside.

This section includes:

  • DocumentBoostsByFacets: You can specify certain fields of documents indexed by the CMS with the DocumentBoostsByFacets configuration file.
  • HiliteFields: When you enable HiliteFields, search results display according to the field order in the HiliteFields configuration file.
  • QueryFields: Enabling QueryFields allows you to limit the fields queried in a search.
  • Synonyms: As of InSite Search 2.11.x, synonyms are not configured in Search.config. This topic describes how to configure the new synonyms configuration file in InSite Search 2.11.x.
  • GSearch: GSearch is a controller on the InSite Search API, addressing the short-term needs of customers who are affected by Google Mini's end-of-life cutoff date.