Field Content Units

Field content units contain a single embedded element that content contributors can add to Page Builder layouts. Page Builder users may find field content units useful when just one element is needed for a layout or if several field content units are more appropriate than a component content unit.

You may have various purposes for the same element type (e.g., a plain text element for a title and a plain text element for a subtitle) across multiple pages. Saving field content units with unique names allow identical element types to have separate purposes and views. Field units display in the Field Content Units tab of the Management view.

New Field Content Unit

Unlike component content units, each field content unit uses a single, basic element type (e.g., text, image, link) with editable fields. Field content units do not map to specific schemas; rather, Schema Designer includes the same elements in the Elements tab to create any number of different schemas.

Element Attributes in the Fields Tab

For a description of all available field (i.e., element) types available for content units, see Field Type Values.

    In the Site Tree's Design tab, content contributors can add field content units to Page Builder presentation layouts. Access the units in the Design Presentation pane's Content Units accordion area of the Design tab. Clear the Component Units checkbox to display only field units. See Adding Content Units to Presentation for details.

    Field Units in Page Builder (Site Tree Design Tab)

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