Modified DSS Files

Ingeniux updates a set of files with new features or code fixes between versions of the DSS. If you have modified these files in any way, then you need to merge your changes into the newest version of the file, which has been provided by the upgrade process. You may find this list useful when you need to refer back to previous files in order to merge any custom work in the DSS project:

  • app_code/_helpers.cshtml
  • app_code/_functions.cshtml
  • properties/assemblyinfo.cs
  • properties/resources.designer.cs
  • properties/resources.resx
  • controllers/cmspagedefaultcontroller.cs
  • controllers/assetasynccontroller.cs
  • controllers/assetcontroller.cs
  • controllers/igxsamplecustomcontroller.cs
  • controllers/previewassetcontroller.cs
  • controllers/authenticationcontroller.cs
  • controllers/searchresultscontroller.cs
  • models/cmsroute.cs
  • bootstrap3/css/pagebuilder.less
  • app_start/routeconfig.cs
  • global.asax.cs
  • global.asax