Undoing Image Changes

The Undo function reverses the previous change to an image asset. The Redo function reinstates the previous change. For instance, while editing an image asset (See Changing an Image's Orientation, Resizing an Image, and Cropping an Image), you may be dissatisfied with a particular effect or want to explore multiple effects. The Undo and Redo functions help you to accomplish these tasks, quickly.

There are two options for saving images in the image editor. Clicking Save Changes replaces the original image with the edited image. Clicking Save As opens a dialog in which you can save the edited image with a different name. The Save As option allows you to keep both the original and the edited image.

Once you use the Save Changes or Save As functions, you can no longer use the Undo or Redo button to return the image to an earlier state.
To undo an image change:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Select an asset in the Assets Tree.
  3. Click the Edit tab.
  4. Change the image's orientation, resize the image, or crop it.
  5. Click the Undo button. The image returns to its previous state. Also, you can click the down arrow within the Undo button to return to any of the changes in the list.

    Undo Image Change

  6. When you are with your changes, do one of the following:
    • To save your changes to the current file, click the Save Changes button.
    • To save your changes with a new file name, click the Save As button and complete the Save As dialog.