Locating Pages and Assets by ID

Each page, folder, component, and asset has a unique identifier (ID) in the CMS. Each page, folder, or component ID is composed of the letter x followed by a number (e.g., x783). Each asset is composed of the letter a and a forward-slash, followed by a number (e.g., a/07). Each asset folder is composed of the letters af and a forward slash, followed by a number (e.g., af/843). These numbers are assigned incrementally as each new content item is created.

After selecting a content item in the Site Tree, its xID displays above the row of tabs in the Site work area. To display general properties associated with the content ID, select the info button (i). Similarly, after selecting items in the Assets Tree, the a/ID for an asset or an af/ID for an asset folder displays above the row of tabs in the asset work area. Users can access the asset's general properties by clicking the info button (i).


In CMS 10.6, the info button (i) displays on rightmost side of the star (Favorites) icon.

CMS 10.6 Info Icon

In CMS 10.0–10.5, the info button (i) displays on leftmost side of the content item title.

CMS 10.0–10.5 Info Button

If users know the content ID, they can search for the content by entering the ID in the Go To field via the toolbar.

To locate a content item by ID:
  1. Select the Go To icon Go To Search Icon in the ancillary navigation menu.
  2. Enter the ID of the content item.

    Go To Search Field

    By default, the system applies the pages and components filter. Include assets in your search by selecting the Assets checkbox. You can filter your search results to assets only by clearing the Pages checkbox and selecting the Assets checkbox.
  3. You can also search by the name of the content item.

    Assets Included in Go To Search

    As you enter your search term, the CMS lists possible matches, automatically.
  4. In the resulting list, select the appropriate content item from the drop-down list that displays under the Go To field.