New Asset Elements on the Edit tab in CMS 10.x

The addition of the asset system brings new field types to work with. First off, when you upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.x, your Document, Image, and Media fields are converted to Asset fields. Fields to select multiple assets at once have been introduced, which include: Asset Link Set, Asset Navigation, and Asset Taxonomy Navigation.


The Asset field allows you to browse for an asset in the asset system. CMS administrators can limit the types of assets that can be chosen during creation of the schema.

Asset Field

To select an asset:

  1. Ensure the item's checked out, and click the desired Asset field.
  2. Click Select. The Select an Asset dialog displays.

    Select an Asset Dialog

  3. Navigate through the folders to locate the desired asset.
  4. [Optional] Enable the Include Descendants icon checkbox to include descendants in your selection.
  5. Click the asset to select it.

    Select an Asset

  6. Click Select and the field is updated to display your selection.

    Note: The Asset field looks slightly different depending on the type of asset that's selected. Thumbnails can be updated by administrators.

    Asset Field Updated

Asset Link Set

The Asset Link Set field gives you the ability to select a list of assets and provide the list with a title. For example, an Asset Link Set could be a list of images for a slideshow or videos for a playlist. The selectable items can be limited in type by an administrator.

Asset LinkSet

To select assets with a Link Set:

  1. Click Select and the Select an Asset dialog displays.

    Select an Asset Link Set

  2. Navigate through the folders to locate the desired assets.
  3. [Optional] Enable the Include Descendants icon checkbox to include descendants in your selection.
  4. Click the assets while holding CTRL to select them.
  5. Click Select.

Asset Navigation

The Asset Navigation indexes all the items in a folder or in a collection of folders that all live under a parent folder. As with a normal Navigation element, you can use Max Depth to change how deeply you would like to navigate and Max Nodes to limit the number of items that will be returned.

Asset Navigation

To select assets with an Asset Navigation:

  1. Click the Browse button.
  2. Choose the folder from the dialog.
  3. Click Select.

    — OR —

  4. Type the ID of the asset folder in the field.

    Note: You can get the asset folder ID by mousing over the folder in the Assets Tree.

Asset Taxonomy Navigation

You can apply the Asset Taxononmy Navigation element.

Asset Taxonomy Navigation

To configure Asset Taxonomy Navigation:

  1. Click the Pick button. A dialog displays providing access to the taxonomy categories.

  2. Pick the category or categories that you want to include in the asset taxonomy navigation that you are building.
  3. Click OK. The dialog closes.
  4. In the Return drop-down menu, select either Categories Only or Include Assets.
    • Categories Only: If chosen, this option displays categories, exclusively.
    • Include Assets: If chosen, this option displays both taxonomy categories and assets.
  5. In the Depth drop-down menu, select how many descendant levels that you want to display from the selected category node(s).

    Asset Taxonomy Navigation

  6. To populate the Filter Asset Types field, click Select. A dialog displays, providing access to a list of asset types from which to choose.
  7. To populate the Filter Asset Folders field, click Select. The Asset Folder Tree dialog displays. Select the folder that contains the associated assets.