Copying Field Content Units

Prerequisites: See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

You can copy an existing content unit's fields to create similar content units.

Purposes for copying field content units include:

  • Creating content units with similar structures.
  • Creating identical content units with different built-in views.
  • Converting a field content unit to a component content unit.
To copy a field content unit:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units.
    The Field Content Units tab of the Management screen displays.
  2. Select the field content unit to copy.
  3. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Select Copy in the Actions menu.

      Copy Field Content Unit in Management Screen

    • Select Edit in the Actions menu, and complete the following steps in the Create/Edit screen that displays.

      Edit Field Content Unit

      1. If the content unit has unsaved changes, select Save to activate Make Copy in the Content Unit Actions menu.
      2. Select Make Copy in the Content Unit Actions menu.

        The Create/Edit screen displays a new, unsaved content unit and populates the fields with the copied content.

        Make Copy of Field Content Unit in Create/Edit View

      The CMS copies all content unit fields except for the Name field and image thumbnail. Each content unit requires a unique name.
  4. See Creating Field Content Units or Creating Component Content Units for details to modify and save the new content unit.