Undoing Checked Out Pages

How to Undo Checking Out Pages | Undo a check out to revert the page to the state before its last check out session.

In some situations, changes are inadvertently made to a page. Rather than check the page in, which would save these changes as a new version, the check out that began the changes can be undone. When you undo a check out, the page reverts to the state it was in before it was last checked out.

Note: Taxonomy categories assigned between checking out and undoing a check out are unaffected by the Undo Check Out action.

To undo a check out:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. Right-click the page in question in the Site Tree.
  3. Select Undo Check Out.

    Note: If the page has children, an option to undo check out for the page and all its children is available.

    Undo Check Out

  4. Click Undo Checkout.