Updating DEX Packages and Schemas

Prerequisites: See DEX Search Prerequisites for details.

Verify that your InSite Search (ISS) Dynamic Execute (DEX) components use up-to-date schemas. Update the components by installing the latest NuGet packages in Microsoft Visual Studio, uploading the package schemas to Ingeniux CMS Schema Designer, and syncing the schemas to their respective DEX components.

Each CMS release includes a base version of the InSite Search package, which is distributed as a NuGet package.There is one DEX package for each DSS major/minor version. If you install a DEX package that does not correspond to the major/minor version of the DSS, the DEX Search Components will not work properly.

InSite Search has two NuGet packages to update. Always keep the Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2 NuGet package up-to-date with latest releases and features/fixes of InSite Search. If you use DEX Search Component schemas for your site's search implementation, then you need to have the corresponding DEX NuGet package (Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_Dss2) installed and the schemas updated in your CMS to match the version of your InSite Search implementation.

To update the ISS DEX NuGet packages and DEX schemas:
  1. Open the Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj (your DSS project) in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. Navigate to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution...
    The NuGet Package Manager displays.
  3. Click the Updates tab in the NuGet Package Manager.
  4. Select the Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_Dss ## package from the left pane of the NuGet Package Manager.
    ## corresponds to the version of the CMS code base that you are currently running. (10.2, 10.3, etc.) For example:


  5. Select the checkbox of the current project from in the right pane of the NuGet package Manager. Sample file: Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance
  6. Select the latest stable version from the Version drop-down list.
  7. Click Install.
    If the NuGet package doesn't install as expected, uninstall your current ISS NuGet package and reinstall the latest package version.
    The readme.txt file displays after the install completes. This file contains instructions about how to add the newly installed DEX schemas to your CMS instance.
  8. Right-click the top node in Solution Explorer. Click Rebuild Solution to include the new NuGet packages.
  9. Open readme.txt and follow its instructions:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer in your Ingeniux CMS.
    2. Click Upload in the Actions menu.
    3. Select the Overwrite existing schemas and Skip draft mode checkboxes.
    4. Browse for and select the XML schema files in [Drive]:\[path to DSS root directory]\packages\Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_DssX.X\Schemas.
    5. If you have existing DEX search components, sync your components to the latest version of their respective schemas. See Syncing Components for details.

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