Checking In Pages

The check-in action creates a new version of the content item that includes the changes made since the item was last checked out. If the content item is marked for publish, these changes take effect with the next publish that includes the item in its scope. Content items checked in outside workflow are no longer assigned to users.

When pages, components, and folders are checked in, their respective icons are colored black in the Site Tree.

To check in a page:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page.
    To check out a page and its children. right-click the parent page and select Check Out > Page and Childrenin the Site Tree.
  3. Click Check In in the toolbar, or right-click the page in the Site Tree and select Check In.

    Based on publishing targets, one of the following actions occur:

    Check in Page(s) via Toolbar

    • If you have a single publishing target configured, the page(s) changes to the check-in state, indicated by the page icon changing from blue to black.
    • If you have multiple publishing targets configured, the Check in Pages to Be Published dialog displays. Select the appropriate target to check in the page(s) against. Click OK to complete the check in.

      Check in Content Item(s) to Multiple Publishing Targets

      If you have publishing profiles configured, the dialog displays available profile(s). Choosing a profile and clicking OK checks in the page(s) to the profile's pre-defined publishing targets.