Working with LinkSet and Multi-Select Elements

The Ingeniux CMS makes it easy to reuse content. A single news story abstract may appear in several places throughout the site, even though the news story only exists in one place; contact information for an office may appear on multiple pages but only exist in a single component.

This section explores two CMS tools for reusing content: the LinkSet element and the Multi-select element.

LinkSet Elements

With the LinkSet element you can create a series of links to site pages and arrange them in a reorderable list. Typically, the LinkSet element generates content for navigation; it supports structured URLs. LinkSet content will update automatically when linked pages are checked in, so your navigations always stay up to date.

When the LinkSet element is collapsed, you can edit two pieces of content: the title of the list and the set of links to be included.

Expanded properties for the LinkSet include standard local exports as well as fields for filtering selectable links to those present under a specified parent page and those of a specified page type.

The Title field can be completed like any other text element, and you can choose links in a dialog.

To choose LinkSet links:

  1. On the LinkSet element, click Select.
  2. To select a link, click the link in the left pane and then click the arrow pointing toward the right pane. To remove a link, click it in the right pane and then click the arrow pointing to the left pane. You can select multiple items at once using Ctrl+click or Shift+click.
  3. To reorder the selected links in the right pane, use the up and down arrows.
  4. When you're finished selecting and ordering links, click OK to save the content to the edit form. (Clicking Cancel will revert the Related Links dialog to the state it was in before the dialog was opened.)

Multi-Select Elements

The multi-select element can be used to add predefined content to a page. The element provides a list of predefined items of which the user can select one or more.

For example, a page may display abstracts for up to three news stories. The multi-select element can be used to provide a list of possible stories to choose from.

To use a Multi-Select Element:

  1. Locate a multi-select element in the edit form.
  2. Select Browse.
  3. Select the desired item on the left side. Pressing Ctrl while clicking on items selects multiple items.
  4. Click Select . The selected item(s) will move to the right side of the dialog box.
  5. Repeat as needed until all desired items are on the right side.
  6. Click OK. The selected item(s) displays in the multi-select text box.