Comparing Page XML

As of Ingeniux CMS 10.1, the Diff Page XML button on the History tab allows you to compare version metadata as well as content within the XML tags. This feature may be particularly useful to CMS developers and administrators.

The corresponding button on an Asset's History tab compares version content rather than XML.
To compare the XML of page versions:
  1. After checking out a page, navigate to its History tab.
  2. Click Diff Page XML and select one of the following page XML comparisons in the drop-down list:
    Select a prior version in the Available Versions list to activate Diff Page XML options.
    Against Current Versionhis option compares the current version to the selected one.
    Against Checked-out VersionClick Check Out to activate option. This option compares the current version, indicated by a checkmark, with the checked-out version.
    Against Previous VersionThis option compares the selected version with the previous version (e.g., If 8 is the current version, then it is compared to version 7).

    Diff Page XML Button

    After your selection, a read-only view of your comparison opens in a separate window. The following is an image of the resulting view after clicking the Against Checked-out Version button.

    Version Comparison View

    To change versions, first select the appropriate version in the Available Versions list then click the Revert to selected version button. See Reverting to Selected Versions for details.
  3. Click the arrows at the top of the view to jump to each line where the compared versions are different.