Configuring Database Credentials

How to Configure DB Credentials | Configure Cartella database credentials.

Setting up SQL Server Login

While there are multiple ways to configure credentials for the Cartella database login account, the most common method is described here. However, the method you choose may vary depending on the specifics of database security on your organization's system, installation requirements, and your organizational needs.

To configure database credentials:
  1. Open SQL Server Management Server.
  2. In the Object Explorer window, under Security, right-click Logins.
  3. Select New Login.
    The Login – New dialog opens, where you will configure a new login account for you as an administrator.

  4. Choose your preferred authentication method:
    • Windows authentication
    • SQL Server authentication
  5. In the Login name field, provide the appropriate login credentials.
    • If you are authenticating via Windows, you can either enter a login name or browse for an existing Active Directory (AD) login name. (e.g., Use your Windows password to log in to SQL Server).

      Consult your database administrator for any further configuration details.

    • If you are authenticating via SQL Server, enter a login name and password in the fields provided.
      Note: If you use SQL Server authentication, clear the following option: User must change password at next login.

      Consult your database administrator and/or refer Microsoft's SQL Server Management Server documentation for any specific configuration details.

  6. From the Default database drop-down list, select the database that you created.

    See Setting up SQL Server Database for steps to create a database in SQL Server.

  7. From the Default language drop-down list, select the appropriate language.
  8. When you have completed login configuration, click OK.

Setting up SQL Server Security

  1. In the Object Explorer window, under the new database, right-click Security.
  2. Select New > User.
  3. Add the user you just created (user name and login name).
  4. In the Owned Schemas and Role Members lists, check the boxes for the following members:
    • db_datareader
    • db_datawriter
    • db_owner
  5. Click OK to add the user.
  6. Close Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Next Steps: After you have configured your database credentials and its security, you need to connect to the database that you have created.