Viewing Page Properties

At the top of each page in the edit form is the Page Properties box. It displays basic information about a page and, if expanded, provides details about the page's workflow status.

The table below describes the various page properties. The last workflow comment also appears under the heading Last Transition Comment.



Page Name

Displays the name of the page as it appears in the site tree.


Indicates the page type (template) used to create the page.


Distinguishes the page from all others in the site. This unique number is assigned sequentially when the page is created.

Assigned To

Identifies the user to whom the page is currently assigned.


Displays the date and time when the page was created.

Created By

Indicates which user created the page.

Last Modified

Displays the date and time when the page was last checked in.

Last Modified By

Indicates which user last checked in the modified page.

Start Date

Specifies when the page will be available on the live site, as set in the Page Properties dialog.

End Date

Specifies when the page will no longer display in the live site, as set in Page Properties dialog.

Publish As

Displays a friendlier name for the page URL. The Publish As value is deprecated as of CMS 7.5.

Page properties are docked at the top of the edit form so they're always visible as you scroll down the page. 

The Page Properties area in the edit form differs from the Page Properties dialog. In the Page Properties dialog, users with appropriate permissions can configure additional page settings.

To access the page properties dialog:

  1. Right-click the desired page in the site tree.
  2. Select Page Properties. Pressing Alt+Enter also displays the Page Properties dialog, as does clicking the page icon in the upper-left corner of the Page Properties field in the edit form.