Checking DITA Publish Logs for Errors

Prerequisites: System administrators must enable debug mode (args.debug) before users run the DITA-OT publish. See Running DITA Debug Mode for details.
The system provides debugging details in the DITA log after the associated DITA-OT publish runs with debug mode enabled.

Check the DITA log for errors. These errors may provide details about where the conflict resides and what the conflict entails.

To check a DITA log for errors:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree, and execute the publish on the DITA collection. Apply the same publishing settings that you used previously when you encountered the issue.
    See Publishing DITA Assets for details about DITA publishes.

    Configuring DITA Publish Dialog

  2. Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor.
  3. Watch the DITA-OT transformation log entries generate in real-time by completing the following steps.
    1. Select Show Detailed Status in the Post Processing area.

      View Detailed Post Processing Status

      The Current tab of the Post Processing Status Console dialog displays.

      Post Processing Status Console Dialog > Current Tab

    2. Review the log entries as the system generates them. Errors display in red text within the log.
    3. Select the Logs tab after the transformation completes to download the log and associated temp folders.
  4. If you did not follow the optional step above, then select the Show DITA Logs button in the Recently Completed section of Publishing Monitor to access the publish log for the most recently executed DITA-OT publish.

    Post Processing Status Console Dialog > Current Tab

    The Logs tab of the Post Processing Status Console dialog displays.
  5. Review the relevant publish entry, and note if the Has Errors column indicates conflicts.
    The Has Errors column only indicates conflicts when the DITA-OT transformation process encounters a fatal error that halts the entire process. If the Has Errors column indicates no conflicts, the log may still contain errors and warnings that did not halt the DITA-OT process.
  6. Select the Download Log icon associated with your DITA-OT publish.

    Post Processing Status Console Dialog > Current Tab

    The system downloads the .log file to your local machine.
  7. Open the downloaded log file in a text editor.
  8. Review the log data, and note entries that indicate errors or other discrepancies.
    If your DITA Open Toolkit transformation has failed, check the log's command line arguments passed to the DITA-OT. Scroll to the arguments listed at the end of the log file. If the error involves an invalid argument, the log shows the argument of issue. In the example below, the format argument (--format=print-pdf) is invalid.


    Error: [DOTA001F][FATAL] "print-pdf" is not a recognized transformation type. Supported transformation types are 
                dita, eclipsehelp, html5, htmlhelp, markdown, markdown_gitbook, markdown_github, pdf, pdf2, xhtml.

Next Steps:

After noting DITA log errors and other discrepancies, return to the appropriate troubleshooting topic to continue diagnosing your issue.