General Properties

This option provides you with a quick way to view general properties of objects selected in the Site Tree.

To view general properties:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. Select a page, component, folder in the Site Tree.
  3. Click the Properties tab.
  4. Select General Properties in the Options menu. The following view displays:

    General Properties

Note: For quick access, you can hover over the information icon by the item's title to display General Properties.

Quick Access to General Properties

General Properties Descriptions:

Property Description
xID Unique ID of the selected page, component, or folder, which links to its XML version.
Schema Name of the schema.
Assigned To User name assigned to the page, component, or folder.
Status Indicates if selected page, component, or folder has been checked in or checked out.
Created Date and time when object was created.
Last Updated Date and time when object was last saved.
Change By User who last made object changes.
Descendants When you click on the ellipsis dots, the CMS calculates the number of objects below the current xID.