Processing Form Data

For a form created with Form Builder to be useful, the CMS must process the data that users enters. In a typical implementation, this happens on a form processor page. This page usually does one of two things with form data: send an email or query a database.

A form processor page typically has three parts:

  • A slot for a component (often a DBQuery)
  • A text field for the message to diplay when the form data has been processed successfully
  • A text field for the error message to display when the form data wasn't processed

Note that neither form processing method validates form data; that type of processing must be specified elsewhere.

Sending an Email with a Form Processor

A prebuilt emailer component called DEX - SMTP Emailer Component can be used to send form data to a comma-delimited list of email addresses.

On the form processor page's component slot, click Pick.

On the emailer component, fill out the following required fields:

  • SMTP Server Host Name or IP Address
  • Sender's Email Address
  • Receiver's Email Address (there are also fields for CCing and BCCing recipients)
  • Subject
  • Body