Advancing Content Items in Workflow

In workflow, you can advance a page, component, asset, or folder once a particular phase of work is completed. In an organization where content items are sent for approval, advancing content items might mean sending them to a web editor. In a situation where the author has permission to publish, advancing the item may mean publishing the it. In either case, advancing the content item sends it to the next workstate and to a user or group associated with that workstate.

Workflows must be configured by the website administrator, and content items must be added to workflow - manually or through page creation rules - before a content item can be advanced.

The Advance Workflow options change to reflect the available transitions at that point in an item's work cycle.

For example, if the content item must go to an editor for approval, the advance button might include "Send to Editor." When the editor gets the item, the Advance button might include "Publish" and "Send Back to Author."

To advance a content item:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Choose one of the following steps:
    1. Select the content item in the Site Tree, and select the Advance in Workflow button Advance in Workflow button in the Edit tab.
    2. Right-click the content item in the Site Tree, and select Advance in the context menu.
    The Advance Workflow dialog displays.
  3. Select a workflow transition in the first drop-down list. Given your transition selection, the Next State and Next Group values display.

    Advance Workflow

  4. Optional: Assign a user or group in the second drop-down list.
    For specific users to display in the drop-down list, the users must be members of the Next Group. See Assigning Groups to Users (administrators only) or Adding Users to Groups (administrators only) for details. To enable workflow notifications, select the Receive Workflow Notifications checkbox in the Administration User Info tab (administrators only) to notify group members via email of the item's advancement.
  5. Optional: Enter a comment in the Comments field.
  6. Click Advance Workflow.