CMS Upgrade Checklist

The following is a list of recommended tests to run on an upgraded CMS site. This list is not exhaustive, and the exact set of tests to run depends on your specific CMS implementation.

Basic tests:

  • Log into the CMS.
  • Create pages and components within the site tree.
  • Check out and check in pages and components.
  • Save page and component changes.
  • Page view and preview properly render pages.

Advanced and site-specific tests:

Workflow: For each workflow within the site, confirm that:

  • A page or component can completely transition through its entire a workflow
  • All workflow notifications are sent properly.
  • Publishes occur at the appropriate steps.
  • Check in/check out triggers occur on the appropriate workflow transitions.
  • Mark/unmark for publish events occur on the appropriate workflow transitions. 

Migration of replication from PeerSync (pre-CMS 8.0 only): Confirm that: 

  • Exclusions on media server directories are removed, unless assets are very large.
  • Replication speed is adequate.
  • After a full publish and replication, the appropriate files get removed as expected.

Publishing targets and Dynamic Publishing: Confirm that: 

  • Dynamic Publishing for publishing targets is enabled.
  • No errors appear in publishing logs for any publishing target after full and incremental publishes.
  • Publish speeds are adequate. (If performance is slow, consider ceasing scheduled publishes in favor of at-will or workflow publishing.)

Preview: Confirm that: 

  • Preview works with Dynamic Publishing enabled. Be sure to check In-Context Editing (ICE) and preview surfing (i.e., navigating site links within preview).
  • ICE is enabled.
  • Preview is faster than the previous version. If not, report to punch list.
  • Site navigations function correctly in preview.
  • The Show All Pages check box works correctly.


TinyMCE (body-copy editor): Confirm that:

  • Toolbar buttons appear according to group settings.
  • Custom styles load correctly.

WorldView (if applicable): Confirm that: 

  • Clone sections can be created successfully.
  • Appropriate translation workflows are applied to WorldView pages.

Custom hooks (if applicable):

  • Review custom hook usage and ensure that any actions coded into Custom Hooks are still working properly.

Apps and custom tabs: Confirm that: 

  • Items enabled in the Apps pane display properly.
  • All custom tabs display properly to the correct users

Automated tasks: Confirm that: 

  • Dynamic Publishing performance works as expected. Automated publishing, if it was configured due to performance issues previously, may be able to be disabled and the CMS instance returned to at-will publishing.
  • Ensure any other automated tasks works as expected.

Schema Designer: Confirm that: 

  • There are no invalid schemas or schema errors.