CMS 10.3 Release Notes

Release Summary

Ingeniux CMS Version 10.3 includes more than 260 updates. Learn more about key enhancements and important upgrade information below.

Release History

  • March 1, 2021 - Build 10.3.176
  • June 3, 2020 - Build 10.3.111
  • September 25, 2019 - Build 10.3.70
  • June 19, 2019 - Build 10.3.50 Initial Release

10.3.176 Updates

  • CMS Performance: Up to 80% faster incremental publishes on sites with large amounts of assets.
  • DSS Performance: Up to 70% faster page response times and up to 40% RAM reduction on larger sites compared to 10.3.70.
  • Fixed issue where incremental site publishes would not detect modified content items to be published if a single Page or Page and Children publish was conducted beforehand.
  • Fixed issue where assets unmarked from publish continued to display in asset navigations.
  • Assets containing escaped characters caused an Illegal characters in path error on the DSS when referenced on a page. The fix in this build requires enabling the Allow Double Escaping feature in IIS.
  • Fixed issue where adding/removing multiple Custom URLs on a page would throw a null reference error and revert to display the first Custom URL added rather than the current one.
  • Fixed issue where certain SFTP clients connecting to the CMS Asset Manager would not cache the Assets Tree structure, which resulted in large amounts of asset data CSAPI calls.
  • Autocomplete in Chrome would tend to fill in fields that were not applicable to autofill form data.
  • The publishdone.txt trigger file would not affect custom controllers that did not inherit from the DSS CMSDefaultPageController.
  • Corrected an issue where the file created date on an asset file did not match the corresponding date within the asset's metadata.
  • Find and Replace would not show accurate content results for fields with expected data.
  • File replication would silently fail on files if the path happened to be greater than 260 characters.
  • Drop-down pickers for Content Units in In-Context Editing/PageBuilder view would not show available values for selection. Note that while this has been corrected, due to a JavaScript issue certain browsers do require a long-click on the drop-down selector in order to display the drop-down selector itself.
  • Browsers configured for non-US English languages would not be able to log into the CMS.
  • Valid xIDs for Linkset elements would not display in the filtered modal selector window.
  • An object reference error would display when navigating to a content item in a workstate where the target workflow group no longer existed in the CMS.
  • Workflow action Revert to Version did not display any publishing targets.
  • The Asset Edit tab would not display for users if they did not have the Allowed to edit asset file content permission set.
  • The UrlMapEntryByPath Index would store a null PageId value in all reduce result sets.

    This fix will result in a re-index of UrlMapEntryByPath on upgrade.

  • Checking in Page and Children where child objects contained missing Required Field data would not throw a UI warning that the child items were not checked in.

    With this fix, the warning dialog displays, but the Site Tree will show the items as checked in. Refreshing the Site Tree shows them as their proper state of being checked out.

  • The getelementvalues.cs file no longer recompiles on every multi-select element request from the CMS.
  • The External Preview functionality would throw an object reference error if the Stylesheets folder could not be found.
  • Users received a Cannot read property body of null error when setting Editing mode to Side by side with In-Context Editing.
  • Using the toolbar spellchecker would cause the Edit Form layout UI to be rearranged.
  • Migrating Ingeniux CMS version 9 to version 10 flagged asset folders with incorrect LastModified values, resulting in redundant assets added to incremental publishes. Now the system assigns the appropriate date values to asset folders.
  • Added performance enhancements when viewing Workflow Reports.
  • Fixed issue where the Site Tree would not expand in a timely manner when using the Go To search bar to access a content item with many sibling items.
  • Fixed issue where replication did not occur in a timely manner after a Full Publish is conducted.
  • Properties Tab would generate and error if there is an ancestor of the current xID that contained a null CheckedInName value.
  • The RTAPI would fail to expand XHTML element internal xID links to their full path with extensions.
  • The Publishing Monitor would display publishing submit times offset by UTC time.
  • Fixed issue that canceled batch deletions of approximately 30,000+ assets and caused stale indexes. Now, users can successfully move large amounts of assets to the Recycle Folder with improved performance.
  • Fixed issue that prevented assets from being deleted from the Assets Recycle Folder.
  • Updated the Ingeniux CMS upgrader to clean out redundant indexable asset entities from the database during upgrade.
  • Embedded Presentation Content Units of the same type no longer have conflicting GUID values, which prevented them from being indexed as distinct entities for use in the Usage tab.
  • Site Migrator would fail on a missing asset binary file during packaging, preventing the package from completing. This release adds messaging to the integrity check for a new package. It now lists the asset IDs that are missing their binary files on disk so that administrators can correct the issue first before packaging.
  • Added performance optimizations to the DSS RTAPI, leading to faster per-request calls and, in some environments, lower CPU and memory use.
  • Now Page Security tab views always show the Administrators group has full access. This update was to alleviate confusion as to why workflow notification emails were only sent to a subset of members in the targeted group.
  • Updated NuGet for RTAPI to remove RavenDB.Client as a dependency, replacing it with direct DLL inclusions to improve certain DSS upgrade scenarios.
  • Utility Bar Search returned results for any content items. Now, the results only display content items that the current user has permissions to access.
  • Fixed issue where stock DSS or DSS Preview solutions would fail to rebuild due to an invalid reference to an Application Insights dependency.
  • Fixed issue that displayed assigned group and user IDs instead of their friendly names in content item search results.
  • In previous releases, locale values were not included in returned results. Now executing searches from either the Utility bar or Go to field in the Navigation bar return locale values for content items.
  • Fixed asset issue that, after managing the stylesheet folder, prevented users from unmanaging the folder.
  • Decreased the duration that Asset Tree generation required to reconstruct the Assets.xml file on disk during publishes.
  • Fixed issue that prevented exporting asset IDs in DSS Preview.
  • Removed publishingtargets.xml from the published data set, as this file is not needed by the RTAPI.
  • Fixed issue that threw an error when logging in to the CMS after upgrading from CMS 9.x to CMS 10.3.111.
  • The Edit Form tab now reflects the XHTML editor element height set in the schema.
  • XHTML element height now appropriately syncs to the height value defined in the associated schema.
  • Stock DSS/DSS Preview projects threw a NuGet package error on the initial project rebuild. Now, upgrading to 10.3.126 addresses affected projects, and the issue no longer affects stock DSS projects.
  • Fixed DSS Preview rebuild issue that prevented upgrading from CMS 9.x to 10.3.
  • Assets with special characters in their name (e.g., "+") would not decode properly and result in 404 responses. To address this issue in full with this release, you must also enable Allow double escaping in IIS Request Filtering for your DSS site.
  • Fixed issues that prevented Find and Replace searches from returning results within XML Field Elements.
  • DSS now responds to OPTIONS requests in a pipeline independent of GET requests.
  • Fixed issue that prevented pages from being created under child pages via the Content Creation Wizard, even if the Page Creation Rule was not restricted to parent pages only.
  • Updated SFTP replication client to support replication scenarios where specific cryptographic methods have been disabled for security purposes.
  • The link to the Schema Manager for a content item's Info Flyout pane would be inactive after a check-in/check-out action.
  • Content Freeze would not start on upgrades from CMS 9 to CMS 10.

10.3.111 Updates

  • Active Directory Users can be imported in Users/Groups even if the Active Directory membership provider is not the default provider. In addition, you are able to import from different Active Directory sources if your CMS is configured for more than one Active Directory membership provider.
  • Added additional debug and error level logging for the DSS when navigation cache files are saved to disk.
  • Using the Page Up/Down keys within an XHTML element would cause the edit form to be offset and/or render errant field values at the bottom of the CMS UI in Chrome.
  • Workflow History logs were logging the Assigned To user as the user who advanced the workflow after a third advance was done.
  • Users would experience a delay in the list of available publishing targets displaying in the Publishing modal dialogue box.
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation cache builder where navigation caches would not consistently write to disk until a publish and replication was complete.
  • Fixed issues that caused the Stylesheet cannot be found error on new CMS site instances when previewing a new page type.
  • Online RTAPI documentation now includes missing IAssetFactory reference.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an object reference error when adding a component content unit containing a Link element to a new Page Builder presentation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Find and Replace from returning results for special characters. Now, 1) Find and Replace treats special characters like alpha-numeric characters; 2) Single words without any spaces contain wildcards on both sides, allowing for partial word replacement; and 3) phrases containing at least one space contain no wildcards and do not allow for partial word replacement.
  • Fixed conflicting asset URL generation for updated content that was caused by overwriting asset folders with child assets via the Upload > Unpack ZIP Packages method.
  • Fixed an issue that inserted leading spaces in front of HTML tags after using XHTML editor's Source Code view.
  • Fixed an issue where Site Migrator only migrated the value of the first item in a list element.
  • Asset folders that contained deleted assets could not be removed from the Recycle Folder unless the contents of these folders were emptied. Now asset folders can be removed from the Recycle Folder even though they contain deleted assets.
  • Fixed a regression issue where entering an asset ID in an asset element didn't look up the asset, automatically.
  • Added CSAPI log entry when a Find is executed via Find and Replace in the CMS.
  • CSAPI log now shows the Process ID of the CMS on application pool start-up.
  • Fixed a regression issue where Check-In Page and Children would check in child items that contained empty required fields. The fix will still complete the operation, skip the items that have missing Required fields, and will log these items as WARN log entries in the CSAPI log.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Site Migrator from updating asset and page IDs in XHTML editor elements after unpacking packages.
  • Added locks around get_element_values when recompiling for use in the CMS.
  • The DSS would return a duplicate key entry error if the lingual maps file happened to have a duplicate entry.
  • Changes to a managed XSLT stylesheet would not appear in DSS Preview until the DSS Preview application pool was recycled.
  • Modifying a Component Content Unit in the Presentation Content Units UI would throw a null reference error if the schema contained Group elements.
  • Pages with an null value for Lingual Map Page Version documents in the database would cause publishes to fail with a null reference error
  • Permissioned custom tab content would still display when navigating away to an xID that is not permissioned to view the custom tab.
  • Clicking away from the current xID to an xID that is not permissioned for the custom tab would continue to render the custom tab.
  • Added a content upgrader for CMS 9 sites so that PageVersion documents in Raven use the _ContentItemId property.
  • DSS Preview would occasionally lose child navigation data due to missing session data if the application idled for an hour.
  • Increased Dashboard loading performance for CMS sites with large amounts of historical publishing data.
  • Assignment filters were not displaying all Group assignments due to an invalid type value related to workflow documents for sites upgraded from CMS 9.
  • Setting custom tab permissioning by Page xID results in the custom tab displaying on all pages except for the xID specified.
  • Added a lock around navigation cache rebuilds to prevent occasional "given key not found in the dictionary" errors on the DSS.
  • Asset paths were not updating on publish after their parent asset folders were renamed.
  • Resolved an Int32 error that prevented saving new SFTP replication targets.
  • Added CSAPI error logging around Page Builder templates if there is a mismatch on the HtmlAgilityPack in the DSS project.
  • Workflow Designer would take longer load times to display workflows if there were many pages assigned to across all Workflows.
  • When Site Migrator threw a DirectoryNotFoundException error while creating a package, the package would still be available for download. These packages can no longer be downloaded if such an error has been thrown until the error is resolved.
  • XHTML elements with assets in them would be missing a leading slash, causing DSS sites deployed as virtual directories to not have a relative path to the asset for rendering.
  • Rapid marking of individual content items for publish (usually via CSAPI) would sometimes result in these individual items being skipped over on the next submitted publish.
  • Forced incremental page publishes would not trigger assets to publish as well. Now, force site incremental publishes will also publish marked assets; forced sub-tree incremental publishes will only publish any changed assets.
  • A 500 error resulted from missing Asset XMP metadata. Now an RTAPI null check catches error.
  • Now Site Migrator packages Assets referenced within XHTML elements.
  • Fixed a minor memory issue on the RTAPI relating to all Asset metadata being returned in the list of custom Asset metadata.
  • Quotes can now be used to wrap search terms in an exact-phrase searches.
  • Integrated CMS users were missing the Creation Date and Creation User in their associated metadata.
  • The Component element's Go To button would not scroll to focus on the xID of the component in the Site Tree.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when many minor publishes were queued after a replication to AWS S3 targets, resulting in occasional file lock errors on the CMS server.
  • Addressed a race condition where custom tabs/apps would throw an error stating that the controller for the custom tab/app could not be found.
  • Added DSS app setting CacheContentAsString (default = true) to disable string-based content caching for scenarios when page load-time performance takes precedence over memory use.
  • Site Migrator would fail to unpack content if there are greater than 128 individual pages added as root pages in the package.
  • Link elements would sometimes not expand within DSS Preview due to missing session info.
  • Application Insights for the DSS did not track user sessions as separate data points.

10.3.70 Updates

  • Updated the CSAPI IWorkflow.Advance Method with a skipEmail boolean parameter (false by default) to enable or disable an email notification when advancing workflow.
  • Asset Elements selecting an Image asset now have the width and height attributes populated from the technical metadata of the asset itself, both in the CMS Edit Form UI and on the DSS via changes to RTAPI.
  • The Advance Workflow dialog window now sorts user names in workflow group alphabetically in the User drop-down list.
  • Added a new method to the RTAPI - IAsset[] GetAssetsByExternalUrl(string externalUrl) - to pass in an external asset URL and return the asset.
  • Custom asset metadata fields were not serialized when published, so they were not included in InSite Search indexing. Now, they serialize on publish as igxcustom attributes in the asset's XMP metadata. Note that custom list elements are not fully supported at this time.
  • Fixed an issue where new publishing targets for new CMS site instances would not save with the correct Preview settings, resulting in the Preview and XML tabs throwing a 404 error.
  • Read-only restrictions on some elements became editable when a non-administrator navigated between tabs on a selected content object. Now, the CMS prevents non-administrators from editing these read-only fields.
  • Link elements that referenced components on a page would not dynamically update in Preview if changes were made to the component elements. This affected the Preview tab, XML tab, and Multi-Format publish scenarios. Now, the changes to referenced components are represented, accurately.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the context menu from displaying when reassigning pages in Users > Assignments.
  • Some users experienced replication target failures when using domain credentials for impersonation accounts. This was because an empty string had been saved as the password, inadvertently. Now the password field for impersonation accounts contains the text, Password, as a placeholder. Also, the CMS validates all publishing target credentials.
  • Optimized the Assets Tree to reduce publishing times. These optimizations are particularly evident for large asset set within the CMS.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented external assets referenced in asset elements from displaying the external URI values on DSS expansion.
  • Newly created content units that were re-positioned would loss their content in the Design tab if a save was not conducted first. Now users can change the order of content units as they are being created.
  • Administrators were prevented from saving a Page Creation Rule that did not have Parent Pages defined, regardless of the prompt allowing them to do so.
  • Fixed issue that prevented administrators from clearing the Exclude from InSite Search indexes checkbox on asset schemas after enabling it in Schema Designer.
  • Users can now create embedded components while using In-Context Editing (ICE) mode.

New Enhancements

  • Added ability to manage assets via SFTP. More information can be found in via the following topic.
  • Assets now maintain a record of URL path history, which is found on the Properties tab for each asset. This URL history is updated on publish after the asset is renamed or moved in the Asset Tree, and custom entries can also be added to the list. This feature is meant to aid in tracking history for a given asset within the CMS, but does not provide any auto-redirection on the DSS endpoint.
  • Added "Diff Against Version - Preview" button on History tab for pages, which shows differences in added/removed text-based elements within a secondary Preview window. This work relies on the ins and del HTML elements for displaying the deltas between versions in a Preview window. As such, MVC views in the DSS will need to ensure that Html.Raw() is used for these element types in order to display the diff styling appropriately.
  • Added a new Schema Usage area in the Schema Designer UI that returns a list of all content items matching the currently selected schema.
  • The group permission "Allowed to edit the layout attribute permission" now applies to the View Name element on page schemas.
  • Added an "Active" column in Users list to show user accounts that are active or suspended in the CMS.
  • Dashboard widgets can now be hidden by users via the User Profile configuration window.
  • As of CMS 10.3, the 51Degrees Device Profile package has been removed from the CMS installation package. To support this change, the Device Manager has been updated so that Administrators can add their own custom mobile device emulation profiles. Customers who have CMS sites configured with 51Degrees will continue to have the feature enabled in their upgraded environment and have the option of disabling this via the CMS web.config.
  • With the removal of 51Degrees, the Device Manager UI has been updated so that you can enter in custom dimensions and user agent strings for your profiles. Existing user agent profiles will be migrated over on upgrade to CMS 10.3.
  • Added Application Insights to CMS project to Ingeniux CMS 10.3 (disabled by default). This addition to the product lays foundational work for gaining additional CMS performance metrics in the future.
  • Added doctype and XML declaration to CDATA elements when serializing XML field output.
  • The application setting, AttributesWithDynamicVariables, in DSS web.config file now supports all-attribute matches when you set the value as the asterisk character (*).
  • Added two new DSS app configurations to handle render caching for Page Builder content on the DSS: DisableContentUnitRenderCache (boolean, defaults to false) and ContentUnitRenderCacheTimeout (value in seconds, defaults to 0=infinite).
  • Added a count of direct child items to the Info fly-out pane.


  • The AD Import for Users and Groups has been updated to support CMS configurations where the Active Directory membership provider is not default. The UI has also been updated so that you can select between different active directory connection profiles if your CMS is configured for more than one.
  • Removed the "Fix Parent Page Security" legacy UI indicator in the Page Creation Rules management UI, as it is no longer relevant to CMS 10.
  • Updated Windows installer package to version 5.0.
  • Updated the DSS project to contain routes.MapMvcAttributeRoutes() in app_start\routeconfig.cs by default. This allows custom controllers to map routes instead of needing to add routes to the routeconfig.cs file, directly.
  • The History Diff function updated to support the XML Field element introduced in Ingeniux CMS 10.2.
  • Updated UI code for the Publishing System, Users and Groups, and Page Creation Rules management areas of the CMS.
  • Site Export filenames now include CMS major and minor versions.
  • DSS application setting ExpandDocumentAssetLinks now applies to Asset elements as well.
  • Performance enhancements made for the Utility Bar Search.
  • XML Field data, where attributes reference xIDs, will now update to their clone xID value on Smart Copy operations.


  • Fixed issue where new PCR could not be created in Internet Explorer v11.
  • CMS users can now finalize a PCR configuration that includes the "Parent Only" option.
  • Fixed object reference error when creating groups via AD import.
  • Start Date and End Date values applied to an Asset are no longer removed from the assets.xml file after subsequent incremental page publish operations.
  • Resolved issue where DSS error displayed for video and audio files due to null FormatVersion field.
  • Dynamic variables now expand in the URL attribute for Link elements.
  • Allowed attributes filter for Dynamic Global Variables no longer ignored if the site configuration only had a single Dynamic Global Variable defined.
  • Migration of XML from CMS v8 to CMS v10 no longer fails when encountering setting locale on home page.
  • Viewing the Overview tab for Assets in Internet Explorer would freeze the browser.
  • FTP Replication Target credentials are now fully obfuscated when inspecting source within the CMS replication target configuration pane.
  • Various fixes to the Asset Tree, where changes (move, cut/paste, upload, deletion) were not updating the tree view in a timely manner.
  • Schema-level changes to root-level attribute values on Component Schemas would not sync on embedded components even with the "Overwrite value of Attribute fields" option enabled for sync.
  • Added support for the XML Field Element type to the PageVersion.FromXml CSAPI method.
  • Addressed an issue where the PageVersion.FromXml method would convert Asset elements into text field values on serialization.
  • Addressed an issue where site tree objects would not reorder due to conflicting sibling position values.
  • Fixed issue where OnAfterUpload Custom Hook displayed an error if the "Use default asset schema" option was unchecked during asset creation.
  • The Find & Replace function no longer uses excessive amounts of memory when searching across CMS instances with extensive content.
  • A JavaScript error no longer displays after creating a schema with an invalid value for the Component field within a List element.
  • Administration > Users/Groups > Users > Assignments can now list more than 50 assignments.
  • Custom Table CSS classes now display in the XHTML Element's Table Editor modal window.
  • Users can no longer rename pages that were assigned to others.
  • Attempting to delete an asset whose ID (e.g. a/123) partially matched that of another Asset ID (e.g. a/12345) that was being used in the site would report that the current asset was in use.
  • Clicking the Close button in Asset Upload now closes the uploader view.
  • Fixed issue where descriptive metadata entry for an asset's Language field generated object reference error.
  • Fixed an error when requesting External Asset metadata via the Info flyout pane in the CMS.
  • Non-admin users no longer receive a processing error after a delete action.
  • Site Migrator packages now include Assets referenced on Asset elements in a list.
  • Fixed an issue with the CSAPI action for unmarking pages, which previously required workaround code when running in CustomHooks implementations.
  • Workflow advancement now executes from the Workflow Reports view.
  • Custom DEX elements can now be created without errors.
  • The Select a Component dialog can now contain a Site Tree node (without throwing an error) with more than 1024 objects, where each node also contains children.
  • Updated the Publish drop-down menu so that Page and Children is no longer an option for items that do not have children. Previously, this caused the UI to hide possible publishing targets.
  • Text element values can now be highlighted for checked-in pages.
  • You are no longer required to rebuild Custom Tabs/Applications against the version of the CMS that you are running, as the CSAPI DLL dependencies are now dynamically loaded.
  • Schema Designer Favorites would not save List Item labels.
  • Creating Site Exports for sites with large amounts of assets no longer throws an int32 overflow error.
  • Fixed an issue where versioning an Asset hides the correct username of the versioned entry in History.
  • Non-administrators no longer experience UI issues when navigating around the CMS after first going to the Recycle Folder.
  • Page.Save would fail to update an xID's PageContent document in RavenDB if used in the same session.
  • Pages with 100+ versions now render each version entry in the History tab, correctly.
  • Firefox users no longer receive a JavaScript alert when attempting to paste content into an In-Context Editing (ICE) field.
  • Unused Assets in Find and Replace display relevant information (i.e. list unused assets that have not been referenced) after upgrade from v9.
  • CMS API locale name property now returns locale name instead of base locale.
  • Custom locale EnglishName property now returns a custom locale name rather than a custom locale description.
  • Page Creation Rules would have performance issues if the rule contained numerous parent page definitions. To resolve this, the parent page modal now displays all parent pages in a single list. Hovering over each modal now displays the full path to the parent page.
  • Fixed issue that prevented an asset folder within the Assets Properties tab from loading properly.
  • In-Context Editing (ICE) view no longer renders localstyles.css.
  • Removed "Require SSL" option from asset URL properties UI.
  • You can now reset your user password if you have created an integrated user and have a prepended domain (e.g., ingeniux\) to the User ID.
  • Page names that contain periods no longer have invalid file extensions when publishing to an MFO publishing target.
  • Fixed issue that prevented asset navigation from expanding in XML within DSS.
  • Site and Assets Trees' states are no longer lost after making a changes in Administration then reloading page.
  • Dragging and Dropping an Asset to the Recycle folder would not work when the Asset being dragged is referenced on a page.
  • The CMS Site Wizard no longer allows users to set up new CMS site when export is a higher version.
  • Fixed issue where General Properties options of Assets do not resolve once focus has been redirected.
  • Find/Replace no longer returns results outside the "Start at" scoped value. These out of scope results had been returned because sibling positions were out of sync after a site upgrade from CMS 8 to CMS 10.
  • Find/Replace now returns results for multi-word text searches.
  • Fixed NotImplementedException error when attempting to call ICMSAssetElement.CategoryIds.
  • Fixed cast object error when attempting to remove asset from workflow in Reports view.
  • Fixed issue that prevented non-administrators from emptying the recycle folder.
  • Fixed an object reference error when saving a language setting for an asset via the context menu.
  • Assignments and permissions of previous user no longer display while creating a new user in Users/Groups.
  • Non-administrators would see different information regarding a page's Page Creation Rules when comparing between the Context Menu > Page Creation Rules modal window and the Properties tab.
  • Fixed OnBeforeUpload hook error thrown when users uploaded assets to the CMS. This was caused by an incorrect file location path. Now assets are uploaded to a designated folder.
  • Fixed issue that prevented .svg files from being previewed when this type of asset has been unmanaged then managed again.
  • Assets are now assigned the appropriate type value after it has been unmanaged then managed again.
  • Fixed an issue where a page was published as an xID instead of using the page name in Multi-Format Publish scenarios in the context of an XSLT transformation.
  • Fixed issue that caused the UI to be malformed after removing the last item in a list of embedded components in Index view.
  • The edit form's search box no longer resets the view and collapses all elements after users execute a search.
  • Deprecated the ComponentReferences Index in the database, which improves upgrade time for larger sites.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to save publishing targets without completing the required fields.
  • RTAPI expansion of legacy SVG xlink:href references within XHTML elements no longer add an extra space before the href attribute.
  • Adding an item to a list on a CMS page and then removing it with the +/- buttons no longer appears to remove other items from the list.
  • Publishing to Multi-Format Output (MFO) targets no longer causes a memory leak.
  • Administrators can no longer create a new user that matches an existing user.
  • Fixed issue that caused a replication error when users configure a new replication target without a Description value.
  • New replication target types in Publishing System are now pre-populated with data that is relevant to the current user.
  • DSS output cache now varies by context.Request.Url.Scheme or Request.ServerVariables[""HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO""] if present.
  • Removed appsetting logs that had displayed in the DSS logs when the verbose level was set to INFO.
  • Page Creation Rules accordion menu no longer obscures Localization menu text beneath it.
  • Fixed an issue with Chrome where the F5 key/browser refresh would trigger a logout of the CMS.
  • Workstate in Assignments tab of user profile in Users/Groups now reflects name of the workstate, not the name of the workflow.
  • Sites with long list of publishing logs now load when scrolling down a list of historical entries.
  • Optimized upgrade queries for sites that contain many assets.
  • Site Migrator is now retaining Image element's Alt Text value.
  • Fixed issue to eliminate ambiguity as to whether or not updates to the Change Photo area in user profile were saved.
  • Group permissions in the Effective Permissions tab now displays saved permission details.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the removal of a group if user belongs to groups other than the group targeted for removal.
  • Fixed issue where the renaming of an asset folder did not trigger the OnRenameAsset custom hook.
  • Fixed issue where user could delete an assignment, despite a warning message that the delete action is not permitted.
  • Event date picker is no longer hidden when at the bottom of an Index view.
  • Site Migrator now packages assets referenced in Asset elements. Duplicate attribute collisions during serialization of the page data had caused the issue.
  • Users without permissions for tabs are no longer redirected to the Dashboard when viewing components.
  • Asset system file collision check now uses name + extension -- instead of just name -- to prevent an ID collision.
  • The DSS no longer returns a 400 Invalid Response when requesting 0 byte assets.
  • Browsers no longer throw an alert when typing in the Add Clone value for Worldview options in the Properties tab.
  • Added the ability to sort on columns in Folder View again.
  • Form Builder XSLT stylesheet files are now recognized by the CMS even if they are not managed assets. Unmanaged assets had resulted in errors when building form pages.
  • IGXSystem user no longer displays in Administrator Users list in Users/Groups.
  • All predefined roles in Group permissions now display in the Permissions drop-down menu.
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to associate a group with a new user in Firefox.
  • Fixed issues for XHTML elements and Link elements in Broken Reference report for Find and Replace.
  • Page Creation Rules that contained a single Parent Page with the "Parent Only" disabled would only allow the page to be created at the parent node.
  • Symbols in CMS Application Name setting now render unescaped values in the CMS UI.
  • In Extensions tab of Asset Item Properties, the allowable extensions that can be added in an asset folder ("Allow Extensions for asset folder" field) are no longer case sensitive.
  • The "Raw XML" value of Options in the Configure Preview Options view is not rendering in Internet Explorer. Workaround: Users are advised to use Chrome or Firefox.
  • On the DSS, requesting page IDs prepended by a capital "X" (e.g., X123.xml) no longer result in a 404 error and redirect to their structured URL value.
  • Publishing System now defaults to Info tab when navigating from one publishing target to another.
  • Find and Replace now returns values inside XHTML elements of embedded components.
  • Fixed issue where the Edit Content Unit icon in Design tab failed to open the dialog so that users could edit the selected Form elements.
  • Dashboard's monthly production calendar widget no longer extends outside of browser window.
  • Dashboard's User Status section no longer extends under the "In Progress" section because the "Last Page" text now wraps properly.
  • Note values disappear after check in or check out of an asset. Workaround: Users must refresh the asset in order to display the note.
  • Edit Form searches were not returning matches found in XHTML elements.
  • Removed legacy settings for Structure URL Maps Version Control and In-Context Editing Field Marker configurations.
  • Creating new user via API now populates ApplicationName rather than setting the ApplicationName value to "null."
  • Fixed issue where both Check In and Check Out buttons display for an asset folder after switching focus from Folder tab to Properties tab then back to Folder tab.
  • Text Element with large blocks of content now expand to display the entire text entry.
  • The Publish button no longer appears on Preview tab toolbar for users that do not have permission to publish.
  • In an asset's History tab, "Diff Content" now finds the delta for external assets.
  • The Permissions area for groups in Users/Groups now wraps line items appropriately and their corresponding checkboxes align as they should.
  • Alt Text fields for Asset Elements within Embedded Components now respond via mouse click when in Form View. 
  • A page's "Paste without children" option in the context menu now displays as inactive if the clipboard is empty. 

Known Issues

  • Customers who are using InSite Search in their DSS Projects need to upgrade their InSite Search packages to the latest version 2.11 in order for search operations to function after upgrading the project to Ingeniux CMS 10.3.

Detailed Information

Asset Management via SFTP

The Asset Management system in the CMS has been updated to support SFTP access to manage assets directly. Via SFTP, you can upload, move, and delete assets via an SFTP connection. To configure SFTP access to the Asset Management system, refer to the following guide.

Asset URL Management Tracking

When renaming or moving assets, the previous path of an asset will be tracked within the Properties tab. This information can be helpful as a reference to previous names or path locations in the Assets Tree for a given asset. Each historical entry is logged after a rename/move of the asset is made and a publish is committed. This URL management system for Assets differs from Page URL History in that there is no mechanism that auto-redirects to the current canonical value of an asset on the DSS; however, the system will still serve the asset if a request to a historical asset URL value is made. This is a conscious design decision to meet best practices for linking to assets. In cases where assets have multiple URLs, Ingeniux CMS honors all previous (and current) URLs when serving up these assets.

Diff Against Version - Preview

When viewing changes in a page via the History tab, users can now view textual differences between versions with the page view rendering the content in a secondary window. This feature appears as an additional button in the toolbar of the History tab.

Who Should Upgrade

  • Customers running CMS 10.2 or below should upgrade to CMS 10.3.
  • CMS 9.0 customers should upgrade to CMS 9.0 SR8 prior to upgrading to CMS 10.2.
  • CMS 8.0 customers can upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.2 without an intermediate upgrade using the Migrate from v8 installation feature. CMS 8 customers with extensive custom hooks or custom tabs should carefully evaluate the level of effort required to migrate the JScript to C# syntax.
  • CMS 7.5 and earlier customers must first upgrade to CMS 8.0 temporarily before continuing to migrate to Ingeniux CMS 10.3.
  • Ingeniux CMS OnDemand customers will be contacted by Ingeniux Support regarding the schedule for their OnDemand UAT and upgrade.

Upgrade Guidelines

To upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.3, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Ingeniux CMS System Requirements.
  2. Review the CMS 10 Upgrade Guide.
  3. Contact Ingeniux Support to request a CMS 10.3 product key if you do not have one already.
  4. Configure a test environment with CMS 10.3 using a replica of the CMS 8.0 XML content or CMS 9.0/CMS 10.0+ site export.
  5. Create a new site in the test environment using the CMS and DSS Site Setup wizards. See the Installation Guide for details on how to do this.
  6. Run the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard in the test environment to upgrade the site content to the latest version of Ingeniux CMS.
  7. Evaluate the site implementation in CMS 10.3 within the test environment.
  8. Perform a full publish and set up a DSS site in the test environment to evaluate the latest DSS features. A DSS site upgraded to 10.3 code base will only render content published from a CMS on 10.3.

    In most cases, DSS upgrades are now performed automatically by the upgrade wizard included in CMS 10.2. Customers upgrading their MVC template sites can continue to update the Ingeniux API DLL in their Visual Studio project manually, build the DSS site, and deploy the new files to the DSS code location.

  9. Implement the CMS 10.3 upgrade in the production environment with the same process.

Ingeniux Support is available to work with your organization to determine the optimal plan and time frame to upgrade to the Ingeniux CMS 10.3 release.

License Key

Customers who upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.3 must obtain a new license key for this release. Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or to request a new product key.


Contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or with any questions.