CMS 10.0 Release Notes

This detailed summary overview of the Ingeniux CMS 10.0 release includes recent and historical software updates, areas in the platform that have been improved, and upgrade information.

Release Summary

Ingeniux CMS Version 10.0 includes more than 1,000 updates. Learn more about key enhancements and important upgrade information below.

Build Number

  • 10.0.331

Key Enhancements

  • Completely Redesigned User Interface
  • Digital Asset Management System
  • Web Based Code Editing
  • Four New Asset Elements
  • New Edit Form Experiences
  • DSS NuGet Integration
  • Asset MVC Views
  • Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard
  • Language Localization Packs
  • Asset Views
  • Amazon AWS S3 and Azure Storage Replication
  • New Content Creation Wizard
  • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Customized User Profiles
  • New Side Navigation
  • Page Properties Tab
  • Paste Without Children
  • TinyMCE Update
  • Deprecated Media Server Directory Feature

Important Information

Digital Asset Management System

Ingeniux CMS 10 allows users to manage their assets through the web interface and extends much of the same functionality of pages and components to assets. This functionality includes versioning, editing, categorizing, workflow, WorldView settings, and much more. For easier management, assets are presented in a separate Asset Tree. Assets and asset folders are assigned and tracked by a/ID and af/ID, respectively.

The new Digital Asset Manager comes with a whole new set of asset related permissions. Administrators can control asset permissions per user group in the same way as page permissions can be configured. Ingeniux CMS 10 contains 17 new asset-related permissions.

Web Based Code Editing

Users can edit text based code assets such as MVC views, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files through the CMS UI. In addition to this feature, users can see a side-by-side diff of code assets on the History tab, which helps identify changes between versions.

Introduction of Four New Asset Elements

Ingeniux CMS 10 introduces four new asset-related elements that can be added to schemas: Asset, Asset LinkSet, Asset Navigation, and Asset Taxonomy Navigation. The Asset element replaces the image, media, and document elements and allows users to specify any type of asset. When upgrading from previous versions, the image, media, and document elements are converted to the new Asset element. The Asset LinkSet, Asset Navigation, and Asset Taxonomy Navigation elements function in the same way as their corresponding page elements except they reference assets or asset nodes within the Asset Tree.

Updated Edit Form

With Ingeniux CMS 10, users can edit content using three different views within the Edit Form: Index View, Form View, and In-Context Edit View. The Index View provides users with a condensed outline view of the page elements. The Form View includes a tree-like navigation structure to the left of an index view. You can hide this content navigator to give you more room for editing your page. The In-Context Edit View has been relocated as an edit view, which has been in the Preview tab. Within each view, users now have the choice of seeing the view in either Full or Side by Side mode.

DSS NuGet Integration

The DSS API is now deployed through NuGet which allows for DSS updates to occur on a separate sequence from the CMS. NuGet based delivery allows for easier integration of DSS site implementations into 3rd party source control systems and better workflows for upgrades when using continuous integration systems.

Asset MVC Views

MVC views can now be created in the CMS asset system and published to a DSS instance. If MVC views are created in this system they will be located and loaded instead of any existing view with the same name and file path in the target DSS site implementation. This allows customers to modify some views in their site without having server access or requiring the complete DSS project to be available.

Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard

For simplicity, the New Site Setup, Site Upgrade, Generation Upgrade, and Replace Site Wizards have all been consolidated into the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard. Once administrators launch the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard, they proceed by selecting the appropriate installation tab.

Language Localization Packs

Some language localization packs are not yet available and will be updated in an upcoming service release of Ingeniux CMS 10.

Amazon AWS S3 and Azure Storage Replication

Replication can be configured for Amazon AWS S3 and Azure Storage. These new replication types can be selected from the list of other replication targets when configuring a publishing target in the Publishing System.

New Content Creation Wizard

Users now have a more visual way to create content with Page Creation Rules. From the new Content Creation Wizard, users can see their Page Creation Rules display as a tile that they can drag to a location in the Site Tree to begin creating content.

Redesigned Dashboard

The Dashboard has a new design and layout that contains panels of system related information. Users can view analytics, site traffic information, monthly production, CMS statistics, user activities, and user profiles in the new design.

Customized User Profiles

Users can now upload and associate a photo with their user profile as well as add contact information.

Utility Bar (Side Navigation)

The Dock displays as a row of icons that allows users to access the Site Tree, Asset Tree, Taxonomy Tree, Assignments List, Search, and Content Creation Wizard -- while on any menu of the CMS. This allows users to drag links to pages or assets without having to switch to the desired menu.

Page Properties Tab

In Ingeniux CMS 10, the information, options, and settings from the Page Properties in the context menu are now available in the Properties tab of a page, component, or asset. New to Page Properties is the Usage option. When viewing the usage of a page, component or asset, users are able to see the ID, Name, Element Name, Element Type, and the Checked In/Out status of the page, component, or asset.

Paste Without Children

In previous versions of Ingeniux CMS, users were not able to copy and paste parent pages without pasting the page's children as well. In Ingeniux CMS 10, users have the option to Paste Without Children through the context menu.

TinyMCE Update

TinyMCE has been updated to version 4.7. There are quite a few changes associated with this update. The most noticeable change is the shift from button selection to plugin selection. In previous versions, administrators could customize User Group toolbar button layout by using a drag-and-drop feature. In the latest version, TinyMCE has changed this to a plugin selection list for User Groups.

For customers that use localstyles.css in their TinyMCE configuration, it is important to note that the plugin related to this feature is disabled on upgrade. In order to enable this feature, administrators must activate the "importcss" plugin in the System options for TinyMCE before any group can use it.

Deprecated Media Server Directory Feature

With the new Digital Asset Management system, the former Media Server Directory feature has been deprecated. Customers who would like to continue to have this functionality can now instead use the new mark for publish features for assets and asset folders to control which items are published to which publishing targets. This new feature set provides much more granular control of asset publishing then Media Server Directories was capable of doing. Customers may also want to review the Manage/Unmanage feature within the Digital Asset Management system as well for additional options.

Known Issues

  • New DSS Site Setups using the CMS 10 Dynamic Site Server Setup Wizard show an incorrect version number. Refer to the following article on resolving this issue: New DSS sites are created with mismatched version numbers on packaged DLLs.
  • Customers who are using InSite Search in their DSS Projects will need to upgrade their InSite Search packages to version 2.9.5 pre-release or above in order for search operations to function after upgrading the project to Ingeniux CMS 10.

Who Should Upgrade

  • CMS 9.0 customers should upgrade to CMS 9.0 SR8 prior to upgrading to CMS 10.0.
  • CMS 8.0 customers can upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.0 without an intermediate upgrade. CMS 8 customers with extensive custom hooks or custom tabs should carefully evaluate the level of effort required to migrate the JScript to C# syntax.
  • CMS 7.5 and earlier customers must first upgrade to CMS 8.0 temporarily before continuing to migrate to Ingeniux CMS 10.0.
  • Ingeniux CMS OnDemand customers will be contacted by Ingeniux Support regarding the schedule for their OnDemand UAT and upgrade.

Upgrade Guidelines

To upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.0, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Ingeniux CMS System Requirements.
  2. Review the CMS 10.0 Upgrade Guide.
  3. Contact Ingeniux Support to request a CMS 10.0 product key if you do not have one already.
  4. Configure a test environment with CMS 10.0 using a replica of the CMS 8.0 XML content or CMS 9.0 export.
  5. Create a new site in the test environment using the CMS and DSS Site Setup wizards. See the Installation Guide for details on how to do this.
  6. Run the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard in the test environment to upgrade the site content to the latest version of Ingeniux CMS.
  7. Evaluate the site implementation in CMS 10.0 within the test environment.
  8. Perform a full publish and set up a DSS site in the test environment to evaluate the latest DSS features.

    In most cases, DSS upgrades are now performed automatically by the upgrade wizard included in CMS 10.0. Customers upgrading their MVC template sites can continue to update the Ingeniux API DLL in their Visual Studio project manually, build the DSS site, and deploy the new files to the DSS code location. See the MVC knowledge base article describing these steps.

  9. Implement the CMS 10.0 upgrade in the production environment with the same process.

Ingeniux Support is available to work with your organization to determine the optimal plan and time frame to upgrade to the Ingeniux CMS 10.0 release.

License Key

Customers who upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10 must obtain a new license key for this release. Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or to request a new product key.


Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or with any questions regarding Ingeniux CMS 10.x.