CMS 10.2 Release Notes

Release Summary

Ingeniux CMS Version 10.2 includes more than 276 updates. Learn more about key enhancements and important upgrade information below.

Release History

  • April 16, 2019 - Build 10.2.62, Latest release update to the initial release of CMS 10.2.
  • December 13, 2018 - Build 10.2.55, Initial Release

10.2.62 Updates

  • Improved performance on the Utility Bar Search for large sites.
  • You are no longer required to rebuild Custom Tabs/Applications against the version of the CMS that you are running, as the CSAPI DLL dependencies are now dynamically loaded.
  • Optimized queries that were used during the upgrade process to support upgrades of sites that contained large amount of assets.
  • To improve upgrade time for larger sites, ComponentReferences Index in the database has been deprecated.
  • "Allowed to edit the layout attribute on pages" permission now applies to MVC page types to modify ViewName on a page.
  • Removed DSS appsettings being logged to the DSS logs at INFO level.
  • Removed rendering of localstyles.css in In-Context Editing view, due to issues reported when modifying content in this view.
  • Added support for the XML Field Element type to the PageVersion.FromXml CSAPI method.
  • Addressed an issue where the PageVersion.FromXml method would convert Asset elements into text field values on serialization.
  • Upgrading from previous CMS versions to 10.2 would show incorrect count of Pages Assigned in the Workflow Designer's Reports view.
  • Fixed an issue where a page was published to disk as an xID instead of using the page name in Multi-Format Publish scenarios using XSLT transformation.
  • Pages with 100+ versions would not render each version entry correctly in the History tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Site Migrator would not package assets referenced on Asset elements due to an issue with duplicate attribute collisions during serialization of the page data.
  • Fixed an issue with a memory leak when publishing to Multi-Format Output publishing targets.
  • Multi-Format Publishing configured for MVC Support would not render Page content that has been referenced via PageFactory on an MVC view.
  • Go-To Search bar would not show Custom Locale descriptive text for returned results.
  • Fixed an issue with Find/Replace where results would be returned that were outside of the "Start at" scoped value due to sibling positions being out of sync after a site has gone through a generation upgrade from CMS 8 to CMS 10.
  • Asset elements would throw an error on the DSS for video and audio files due to a null entry for a metadata field for these types.

New Enhancements

  • The CMS Site Instance Wizard executable can now be run via command line for installation/upgrade scenarios.
  • Added the ability to add, remove, and update List element items from In-Context Editing.
  • Updated RavenDB to support SNMP monitoring.
  • Application Insights NuGet package is now included with the DSS project. Custom metrics for the DSS have also been added that are piped to Microsoft Application Insights when a profile is enabled.
  • RavenDB errors and alerts now appear at the top of the CMS UI and can be acknowledged by CMS administrators via the Administration > Maintenance > Database Stats view. The view has also been updated to report additional RavenDB information such as database storage size and storage type. Stale indexes can also be triggered to be re-indexed from Database Stats. Unacknowledged database errors will appear in this area as well.
  • Added Ancestor property to ICMSLinkElement method in RTAPI to retrieve ancestors of page in Site Tree.
  • To support deployment scenarios via Visual Studio build/publish operations, DSS projects will now respect the Visual Studio 2017 build tool path by default.
  • Added an optional parameter for pagefactory to exclude Site Control.
  • Categories associated with a page are added to a copy of a page even if the current user does not have security rights to the category itself.
  • Added a new Find and Replace function to look for Unused Assets. This functionality finds assets that are not directly referenced on an asset element or XHTML element in the site.
  • Added Check In and Check Out buttons to the Overview toolbar of asset folders.
  • Added Exports of assets' Technical & Descriptive Metadata.
  • Added OnBeforeMoveTaxonomy and OnAfterMoveTaxonomy Custom Hooks.
  • Added a new local-appsettings.config setting,siteStatusDialogDelay (in milliseconds), to configure the time value for when the Site Status dialogue window will appear in the CMS UI. Defaults to 20 seconds.


    • Added hover text to indicate asset ID when working with selected assets on an Asset Elements in the CMS.
    • You can now search via xID from Search in the Utility Bar.
    • Restored the ability to sort on table headers in the Categorize tab.
    • Disabling "Allowed to check in and check out pages outside of workflow" will now hide the Check-In/Check-Out button on the toolbar.
    • Users who do not have permission to check in/out content no longer see the corresponding button in the toolbar of Edit Form.
    • Added better messaging/logging around loader exceptions for Custom Apps.
    • Extended functionality for the Config JSON feature so that TinyMCE customizations will work with In-Context Editing and PageBuilder editing views.
    • Fixed: You can now add a friendly name (displayName attribute) for the CMS RavenDBMembershipProvider via the local-membership.config file.
    • Fixed an issue for configuration in IIS to ensure .woff and .woff2 MIME types are registered for the CMS when the site is set up or created.
    • Fixed: Changed log message level from INFO to DEBUG for log entries when the CMS is pushing indexable entries to the database.
    • Added a progress box for mass Check-In and asset management actions.
    • Groups remain expanded in the Form View after a page is Checked Out.
    • You can now search by category ID number within the Taxonomy Manager.
    • Results in the Usage list for a page/asset's Properties tab are now clickable links that route the user to the target xID.
    • Updated the dialogue box text and buttons for the Workflow Manager when prompted for unsaved changes.
    • Added checks for duplicate asset IDs during the Site Migrator import process.
    • Added a fallback method to the Asset Controller that will allow for legacy asset folders (Images, Documents, Media) to be used as Page names in the Dynamic Site Server. If asset folders of these names do not exist in Asset Manager, the DSS will fall back to the page controller and render the page (if present).
    • Updated the DSS upgrader UI text to removed old references.
    • Added null reference handling for errors that could occur for MFO/Expand on Publish pages that happen to have references to xIDs that are missing their Page Versions from the database. These offending xIDs will be logged in the CSAPI logs.
    • Selection color for the Select a Component dialogue has been corrected.
    • The Info Flyout's Schema name now links to Schema Designer.
    • Asset Folder listing view now displays the asset file size.
    • Added the functionality to delete site exports from the Maintenance > Site Export tab.
    • Removed unnecessary buttons and options on toolbar and context menu UI on Recycle Folders.
    • Publish performance is now optimized for sites with a large count of External Assets.
    • Updated Schema Designer UI so that List Item Name and Label fields are in the same order as List Items elements.
    • Added hover tooltips in Schema Designer to denote delimiter formats on the Component and Component Types input fields for Component Elements and Component List elements.
    • Increased default timeout value from 100s to 1200s to better support long-running processes in the CMS. This can be modified in the CMS local-appsettings.config via the new RavenHttpRequestTimeout setting.


      • Links could be created on XHTML elements for checked-in pages via drag-and-drop from the Site Tree.
      • SignalR calls in the CMS UI would not properly close in some instances, which could result in issues with the CMS UI not responding for 90 seconds or more.
      • Renaming a Managed Asset to match an Unmanaged Asset's name would result in the Managed Asset being lost.
      • Navigation Exports that happen to retrieve an Asset ID that no longer exists in the CMS will result in a 500 error in DSS Preview.
      • Non-administrator users were not able to copy and paste content tagged with a Taxonomy Category when the Copy Categorization Info on Page Copy option was enabled.
      • Structured URL Moved values were not migrated during upgrade from CMS 9 to CMS 10, resulting in custom URL values showing duplicate entries in the Page Properties UI.
      • Selecting an unmarked asset for use in an Insert Element would result in a .NET error. The rendered XML will now indicate in the Insert Element node that a processing error occurred because the asset ID was not found.
      • Workflow Description values would be cleared when opening Administration > Workflows Designer > Workflow Settings.
      • Incomplete/interrupted batch delete operations would result in errors in expanding of the Site Tree. Now, users can still interact with the Site Tree and will see an error message that calls out xIDs in the tree that have missing checked-out/current versions.
      • Cutting and pasting an asset folder onto its current parent asset folder resulted in the pasted asset folder being deleted and its child assets becoming orphaned.
      • Cloning a page within the OnAfterCheckIn custom hook session caused its version history to skip and the latest version to show a reversion of content.
      • Addressed a possible memory leak occurring when using the Diff Against Version in History tab with certain large content blocks in a single line. The Diff Against Version tools experience is now improved and has an updated UI.
      • Hidden elements within a non-hidden group would be lost if checked-in by a user who does not have permission to view the hidden elements.
      • Root-level attributes for certain system schemas could be edited in Schema Designer.
      • Users who did not have publishing permissions received an error when working within a Workflow Transition that included a Publish action.
      • Firefox no longer prompts to save the password when configuring a Replication Target with credentials.
      • CMS sites configured for numerous Analytics endpoints occasionally threw a 401 browser alert on initial load of the Dashboard.
      • Taxonomy Manager would prevent users from dragging and dropping a child category up to the root-level when reorganizing categories.
      • Check-In Asset Folder and Children operations would not check-in child and grandchild asset folders if they were in a checked-out state already.
      • Changing the locale of a locale root page would not flag its descendants for publish.
      • Fixed a session issue that would prevent the check-in of pages that contained embedded lists of components.
      • Multi-Format Output publishes for XSLT-based sites were not respecting the defined Site value within the publishing target's Transform options.
      • Fixed an incremental publishing issue where an initial asset-only publish would result in changes to pages not being detected for the next incremental publish.
      • Navigation Elements within embedded components would not expand on the Dynamic Site Server.
      • Workflow Transitions would not list users who were in both the Administrators group and a second group that did not have explicit site tree permission to access the current page.
      • Page Creation Rules will now display the defined Parent Page nodes instead of all parent nodes.
      • CMS Site Setup now checks for empty/mismatched password fields during setup of the initial administrative user credentials.
      • HTML5 Audio would render with HTML5 Video element/attributes when selected in an XHTML element.
      • Users granted the permission Allowed to delete assets were unable to do so unless the permission Allowed to manage asset folders was also granted.
      • HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO protocol used for firewall-based SSL terminations were not being picked up when processing the page request on the RTAPI.
      • Fixed an issue in CSAPI where the OnAfterUpload custom hook would return a null value for an uploaded file.
      • A 301 redirect loop would occur on the DSS if the page name contained a period and the publishing target was configured to preserve periods in Structured URLs.
      • CMS 9 sites that contained legacy ReplicationTaskDetail documents in RavenDB would result in application pool issues after upgrading to Ingeniux CMS 10. The CMS upgrade process will now test and remove these legacy documents if present.
      • Custom Settings configured for specific publishing targets in CMS InSite Search configuration section were not being applied to the defined targets on publish.
      • Password reset functionality now restricts users from using the "+" character, and the password generator no longer creates passwords with this character.
      • RTAPI would misinterpret internal assets with spaces in the path as external assets, resulting in 404 errors on DSS.
      • List Elements that auto-embed components would not initially display correctly when working in Form View.
      • File stream in OnNewAsset functions remained open, preventing further manipulations to the asset.
      • The Asset Unmanage action would convert a newly uploaded XSLT asset to a text file type.
      • Page Translate tab would duplicate XHTML editor content if it is inside of a list of embedded components.
      • Changes to the Category tab were not saved when checking in page via the context menu.
      • Anchor Link selection in the TinyMCE editor would not set the correct value for the link's href attribute.
      • Assets with ampersands in their filenames would result in a 404 response in DSS Preview.
      • UI indicators were not present for currently selected Taxonomy categories on the Categorize tab.
      • The Dynamic Site Server RTAPI NuGet package was not bundling the DynamicExecuteImplementations.dll.
      • Fixed an API issue where IPublishingTarget.MarkedOnPageCurrentVersion would always return false.
      • Addressed an issue when publishing assets where the modal window to list publishing targets would not immediately render unless clicked on.
      • Edit Image links for SVG assets now route to their Overview tab in the Asset Manager instead, as the current image editor is for bitmap images only
      • Updated toolbar and context menu UI on Recycle Folders to remove unnecessary buttons and options.
      • Last Modified User would not appear in the Properties tab and Info Fly-out window.
      • Presentation Content Unit configuration would not save changes to the Read Only attribute.
      • Upgrader status bar would appear as 100% complete in the midst of the upgrader action for PageVersionExtract Page Fields.
      • Component element's UI would not update in Edit Form when Sharing an Embedded Component.
      • Rearranging via drag-and-drop in Form View would not work for Lists of Components nested within a List of Components.
      • Failure to save Administration > System Options > Email settings if any of the SMTP configuration values are empty.
      • An empty alert message would appear when attempting to check-in a page that contained an empty Required element.
      • Added the UpdateAsset method to the CSAPI for the IAsset interface, which is used for the binary file associated with an asset object in the CMS. Note that the asset must be checked-out to update the binary file via this method.
      • "Pages created in time period" report contained the incorrect type value in the report. Newly created CMS sites will have the correct report definition in its site\App_Data\xml folder, which can be migrated to affected CMS sites.
      • "View as HTML" Button would sometimes appear disabled when working with existing Schemas in Schema Designer.
      • Hover tooltip for the Content Creation Wizard is now anchored to the correct position in the CMS UI.
      • An Errant drop-down arrow would appear in the Add to Workflow modal window.
      • Renamed asset was not showing correct historical filenames when using the History Tabs's Diff Content > Against Previous Version feature.
      • Corrected the apparent difference in publishing log timestamps between Publishes and Replication tab views.
      • Components with hyphens or spaces in their name would not appear as selectable results when using the Component Selection modal window.
      • The EditMode variable was not consistent in returning its value in DSS Preview and In-Context Editing views for pages.
      • Local Exports on Reference Elements would cause a an error during expansion of the export value on DSS Preview and DSS.

      Known Issues

      • Customers who are using InSite Search in their DSS Projects need to upgrade their InSite Search packages to the latest version 2.11 in order for search operations to function after upgrading the project to Ingeniux CMS 10.

      Detailed Information

      CMS Site Instance Wizard Executable Supported in Silent Installation Scenarios

      CMS 10.2's setup and installation files now support command-line parameters for conducting new site setups or upgrades. This is useful for developers or administrators who wish to script any site upgrade processes or test environment scenarios. Information on this new functionality can be found in this article.

      SNMP Monitoring Support for RavenDB

      We have updated our RavenDB instances so that native SNMP monitoring can be configured directly against the database. This can be useful for integrating database-level events to existing log/monitoring aggregation infrastructure for system administrators. A guide to enabling SNMP monitoring for your CMS site's RavenDB instance can be found in this article. Additional information on specific monitoring metrics can be found on this RavenDB article.

      Added Ability to Update List Elements from In-Context Editing View

      List elements can now be edited via In-Context Editing (ICE) view, provided that the element has the "Group in Expanded XML" option enabled. An example of implementing this for your DSS site can be found in the following article.

      Custom Metrics for Dynamic Site Server Project for Microsoft Azure Application Insights

      The DSS has now includes the Microsoft Azure Application Insights NuGet package, along with new custom metrics that are integrated into the Runtime API for developers to debug and monitor their DSS site in real time. You can read more about Azure Application Insights in the following Microsoft article. This supporting article lists the custom metrics that are available in the DSS project for CMS 10.2.

      Who Should Upgrade

      • CMS 10.0 and CMS 10.1 customers should upgrade to CMS 10.2.
      • CMS 9.0 customers should upgrade to CMS 9.0 SR8 prior to upgrading to CMS 10.2.
      • CMS 8.0 customers can upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.2 without an intermediate upgrade using the Migrate from v8 installation feature. CMS 8 customers with extensive custom hooks or custom tabs should carefully evaluate the level of effort required to migrate the JScript to C# syntax.
      • CMS 7.5 and earlier customers must first upgrade to CMS 8.0 temporarily before continuing to migrate to Ingeniux CMS 10.2.
      • Ingeniux CMS OnDemand customers will be contacted by Ingeniux Support regarding the schedule for their OnDemand UAT and upgrade.

      Upgrade Guidelines

      To upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.2, follow these steps:

      1. Review the Ingeniux CMS System Requirements.
      2. Review the CMS 10 Upgrade Guide.
      3. Contact Ingeniux Support to request a CMS 10.2 product key if you do not have one already.
      4. Configure a test environment with CMS 10.2 using a replica of the CMS 8.0 XML content or CMS 9.0/CMS 10.0+ site export.
      5. Create a new site in the test environment using the CMS and DSS Site Setup wizards. See the Installation Guide for details on how to do this.
      6. Run the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard in the test environment to upgrade the site content to the latest version of Ingeniux CMS.
      7. Evaluate the site implementation in CMS 10.2 within the test environment.
      8. Perform a full publish and set up a DSS site in the test environment to evaluate the latest DSS features. A DSS site upgraded to 10.2 code base will only render content published from a CMS on 10.2.

        In most cases, DSS upgrades are now performed automatically by the upgrade wizard included in CMS 10.2. Customers upgrading their MVC template sites can continue to update the Ingeniux API DLL in their Visual Studio project manually, build the DSS site, and deploy the new files to the DSS code location.

      9. Implement the CMS 10.2 upgrade in the production environment with the same process.

      Ingeniux Support is available to work with your organization to determine the optimal plan and time frame to upgrade to the Ingeniux CMS 10.2 release.

      License Key

      Customers who upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.2 must obtain a new license key for this release. Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or to request a new product key.


      Contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or with any questions regarding Ingeniux CMS 10.