Configuring Image Conversions

You can set Cartella to perform size conversions on uploaded images, automatically. The dimensions of the resulting image(s) are set in pixels within the <ImageAutoConversions> node.

To configure image conversions:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Find the <ImageAutoConversions> section of Cartella.config, which contains a set of <add> tags.
        <add targetMemberName="Thumbnail" width="75" height="75" allowCropping="true"/>
        <add targetMemberName="MainImage" width="640"/>
    The Thumbnail and MainImage values of @targetMemberName, which are populated by default, aid in the display of gallery contents.
  4. Following the syntax of the default <add> elements, create a custom <add> element that meets your needs. Each custom <add> can contain these attributes:
    @targetMemberNameName of the target member to convert to.
    @widthWidth of the target member image.
    @heightHeight of target member image. If omitted, use calculated height based on aspect ratio of the image.
    @allowCroppingIf set to true, will crop the image to given width and height. Height must be specified if set to true.
    @dpiThe dots-per-inch to down sample to. Default value is 72.
    @preserveAspectRatioMaintains the width-to-height ratio of the image. If set to true the width-to-height ratio is retained; whereas, if false, this ratio is not retained when image is edited.
    Each additional image target creates a cropped version of the uploaded image. The host file system store each image version.
  5. Save Cartella.config.

Next Steps: Recycle the Cartella site application pool in IIS in order for your changes to take effect, immediately.