InSite Search Metrics with Azure Application Insights


Ingeniux InSite Search 2.12+ must be installed.

To enable Application Insights and view its metrics for InSite Search:
  1. Open Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj within the root folder of your DSS installation.
  2. Navigate to Project > Add Application Insights Telemetry.... This will prompt you to connect to your Azure subscription from within Visual Studio.
  3. Once connected, click on "Configure settings..." in the Application Insights Registration view. You can then set a custom name value for both Resource Group name and Application Insights Resource name for your DSS project.
  4. Save the new resource and press the "Register" button to register your DSS project to your Azure subscription. This will also install the required NuGet packages for Application Insights for the project.
  5. Go to > Application Insights. You will now see your new resource. New data starts to display after your first visit to the site.
  6. Click Monitor then click the Metrics utility in the left pane. The Metrics view displays.

    Applications Insights Metrics for InSite Search

  7. In the Metrics view, click the Metric Namespace drop-down list, select azure.applicationinsights.
  8. Click the Metric drop-down list, which contains the custom InSite Search metrics in the list. The custom metrics data will be available once there is indexed search data and the corresponding event is triggered by InSite Search:
    Custom EventDescription
    InSiteSearch_ContentIndex_TotalDocsCountTotal document count to index.
    InSiteSearch_ContentIndex_TotalTermsCountTotal terms count on the index.
    InSiteSearch_Indexing_CountNumber of pages indexed.
    InSiteSearch_Indexing_Duration_SecondsTime taken for each query.