Configuring Page Builder Settings


Page Builder enables users to design page content without extensive web development. Styling Page Builder with CSS at runtime requires a presentation formatter within the publishing target.

See Page Builder for details about designing and using Page Builder presentations.

To set the publishing target presentation formatter for Page Builder:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
    The Manage Publishing Targets pane displays.

    Page Builder Settings

  2. Select the publishing target from the Manage Publishing Targets list.
    The Info tab displays for the selected publishing target.

    Page Builder Settings

  3. Navigate to the Page Builder Settings section in the Info tab, and select the formatter that suits your needs in the Presentation Formatter drop-down list.
    • -- Default Presentation Formatter --
      This list item represents the option selected for the DSS presentation formatter in System Options. Initially, the CMS assigns the Bootstrap v3.0 framework to this default. See DSS Presentations Formatter for details.
    • Presentation Formatter for Bootstrap 2.33
    • Presentation Formatter for Bootstrap 3
    You can provide custom presentation formatter options in addition to the built-in formatter options within this drop-down list. If your implementation uses a custom plugin and you built a custom development hardware solution, then the system dynamically populates the custom formatter in this list.

    Page Builder Settings

  4. Click Save in the top right corner of the Managing Publishing Targets pane.

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