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System administrators can populate the luceneindex folder with indexing files to test and run the InSite Search (ISS) main search index functionality.

Searches performed during or prior to index setup return no results. Depending on site size and hardware, it could take a few minutes for the index to complete, but in most cases, it takes less time than that. While the index is building, the same queries could return different results as more data is added to the index.

To generate the main search index files:
  1. Check in the page(s).
    1. Select a page in the Site Tree.
    2. Click the Check In button in the Edit toolbar (or right-click the page in the Site Tree and select Check In).

      Check in Page via Edit Toolbar

  2. Mark checked in pages for publish. Choose one of the following steps:
    1. Select Mark/Unmark for Publish in the Edit tab.
      If the selected content item is a parent, you are given the option to choose Page or Page and Children. If the content item has no children, the option menu does not display.
      The Mark/Unmark pages for publish dialog displays.

      Mark for Publish

    2. Select the checkbox in the Marked for Publish column to associate the content item(s) with one or multiple publishing targets.
    3. Select the appropriate version of the content item(s) to mark for your chosen publishing target(s) in the Version to Publish column.
    4. Click OK.
      Mark a page for publish outside workflow by right-clicking the page in the Site Tree, select Page Properties, and configure the action at the Mark for Publish tab.
  3. Submit a publish by completing the following steps:
    1. In the Edit toolbar, select Page, Page and Children or Site from the Publish drop-down list.
      The Publish dialog opens.

      Publish via Main Toolbar

    2. Select a publishing target.
    3. Select Incremental or Full.
      The Publish Submitted dialog opens.
    4. Click Monitor Publishes to view the pending publish, or click Close to exit the dialog.
  4. Recycle the DSS app pool in Internet Information Services (IIS).
  5. Delete existing main index files in the App_Data\LuceneIndex folder.
  6. Enter an address to the DSS website in a web browser.
    This step triggers the re-indexing of content.