Installing Add-on Updates


New Oxygen Desktop Plugin version add-on updates will become available for installation over time. Users can check for these plugin updates and install them to their Oxygen XML Editor 23.1+ application.
To check for and install an add-on update for the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Choose one of the following steps.
    • If the Updates Available dialog displays, then select Review Updates to open the Manage add-ons dialog.
      If the Enable automatic updates checking option is selected, which is the system's default, then the Updates Available dialog displays when a new add-on update becomes available.

      Updates Available Dialog

    • Navigate to Help > Check for add-ons updates... in the Oxygen XML Editor toolbar.

      Help > Check for add-on updates...

      The Manage add-ons dialog displays and checks for new add-on updates.

  3. Check the Version and installation Status of the Ingeniux CMS Connector plugin.
    Your Oxygen Desktop Plugin's current version number displays in the Version column. If the add-on has a new version update available, the Status column displays Update available [version-number].
    If the Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on's Status displays as Installed, then your Oxygen Desktop Plugin is up to date with the latest add-on.

    Update Ingeniux CMS Connector Add-on to Latest Version

  4. If a new update becomes available, then select the add-on, and click Update.
    If the Ingeniux CMS Connector plugin information does not display or if the version details seem inaccurate, see Troubleshooting Add-on Updates for details to troubleshoot and update the plugin feed URL.
    The License and Signature tabs display.

    IngeniuxCMSConnector Add-on End User License Agreement

  5. Read the licensing terms.
  6. Select the I accept all terms of the end user license agreements checkbox, and click Finish.
    The Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on updates to the latest version, and the Add-ons dialog displays.
  7. Select OK, and restart the Oxygen XML Editor application to apply the add-on update changes.

Next Steps (optional): Use the plugin tools to edit CMS DITA content within the Oxygen XML Editor application interface.


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