Testing Workflow Application

To test the workflow application:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Workflows Designer.
  2. Select the workflow to which you want to add the custom action.
  3. Select a transition from the Workflow Transitions pane.
  4. On the Actions tab, add an External Client action.

    Edit Transition

  5. In the URL field,enter the path to the application. This path follows the format: Apps/[app folder name]/[app controller name]/[app action name], where "app action name" defaults to "index" when not specified.
  6. Add a page to this workflow.
  7. Advance the page through the transition with the custom action. The application displays as a pop-up dialog:

    Demo Workflow

    If the demo pop-up does not display properly, follow these steps:
    1. Stop the CMS application pool in Internet Information Services (IIS).
    2. Navigate to [Drive]:\[path-to-cms-installation-folder]\site\App_Data\xml\Custom.
    3. Open Ingeniux_Extensions_Development.sln in Visual Studio (VS).
    4. Build the Ingeniux Extensions Development solution, then close VS.
    5. Start the CMS application pool in IIS.
    6. Refresh the browser, which is running the CMS. The Workflow External Action demo displays, properly.