Ingeniux Extensions Development Solution

Ingeniux CMS 10.x includes a Visual Studio solution file named API_Extensions_Development_Harness.sln. The solution, located at [path-to-cms-site-instance]/App_Data/xml/Custom, contains all the files you need to work with CMS extension points.


Ingeniux CMS Application Modules provide advanced website features and functionality. Refine the custom implementation of each module to meet individual business and strategic needs.

Ingeniux Developer Utilities provide additional content management functionality. Depending on implementation, a utility either extends the Ingeniux CMS client functionality or provides a stand-alone interface.

There are four projects in the VS solution:

  • API Extensions Development Harness A collection of standalone files that provide IntelliSense support. These are not built out with the project as applications, but rather are used independently by the CMS. These files provide logical extensions to their matching CMS actions. The project name is API_Extensions_Development_Harness.csproj.

  • Automated Tasks Framework An example application for building applications that perform more complex interactions with the CMS on a schedule. These applications do not get a user interface because they run on the server, automatically. The project name is Automated_Task_Standard_Operations.csproj.

  • Custom Application Development Examples The methods can be used to create custom tabs, Dynamic Execute interfaces, and external client workflow actions. These are grouped in one example project because they all involve creating user interfaces in the CMS for displaying and manipulating data. The project name is Custom_Apps_Development_Examples.csproj.

  • Page Builder Extensions Classes can be used to create a new Page Builder extension for a responsive format that is not already included with the CMS.