Categorizing Pages and Components with Taxonomy


Users can associate taxonomy categories with pages and components in the Site area's Categorize tab.

To categorize a content item:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the checked-out page or component.
  3. Click the Categorize tab. The Taxonomy Tree displays on the leftmost side and associated categories display on the rightmost side of the tab.

    Categorize Tab

    Additional Information

    A category with a checkmark in the Taxonomy Tree indicates the category associates with the content item.

    A category with an arrow in the Taxonomy Tree indicates that one or more of the unexpanded category's children associate with the content item.

    Associated Categories

  4. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Associate categories with the content item.
      1. Choose one of the following steps.
        • Enter the first few letters of the category in the Search field. Click the category in the drop-down list.
        • Locate and click the category to associate in the Taxonomy Tree. Use Ctrl +click to multi-select categories.

          Associate Categories

      2. Click the right arrow. The category displays in the associations list.
    • Disassociate categories from the content item.
      1. Click the category to remove in the associations list. Use Ctrl+click to multi-select categories.

        Disassociate Categories

      2. Click the left arrow. The CMS removes the category from the associations list.
  5. Click Save.