Resetting Passwords

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.
Cartella users, see Changing Passwords for details to change your password without resetting it.

Use administrator permissions to reset forgotten or lost passwords for Cartella user account login credentials.

Ensure the user has a valid email address. If you send the reset password to an invalid email, the user's Cartella account may be locked and password credentials may not be recoverable.
To reset a user's Cartella password:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Users.
  3. Click Reset in the Reset Password column of the user's table row.

    Reset User Password

    A dialog displays to confirm the password reset.
  4. Click OK.
    A dialog displays:
    Password Reset successful. New password has been sent to user via email.
    After the user receives the new password via email, the user with the reset password logs in to their Cartella account, enters the new password, and replaces the password with a password of their choice.

    Enter Reset Password

    Change Reset Password