Configuring Ingeniux Manager Tab


After deploying the Ingeniux Translation Manager application package, administrators must set up a custom tab, where users can create and manage translation projects.

To configure a custom tab for translation manager:
  1. Log in to the CMS and navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS > Custom Tabs > Management. The Custom Tabs Management Configuration area displays.
  2. Click the Add Custom Tab (+) button. A new accordion area displays, where administrators set up the custom tab for translation management.
  3. Complete the following fields. When complete, your custom tab's configuration should resemble the following screen capture.

    Custom Tab Example

    • Name: Enter the name of tab (e.g., Translation Manager).
    • URL: Enter the filepath to Translation Manager (e.g., Apps/TranslationManager/TranslationManager).
    • LocKit ID: Provide the localization kit identifier only if localization is needed for the App tab. Usually, this field is left blank.
    • Icon:
      • Location: Indicate where the translation manager icon is located.
      • Pick Icon: Choose an icon from the CMS or provide the icon's relative path.
      Use the following table to complete the fields.
      LocationPick IconDescription
      CMS SystemSelect an icon from the drop-down list.The CMS system provides these icons.
      Plugin AppProvide the relative path to the custom icon for the tab; otherwise, the custom app uses the default icon.Usually, this field is set to Plugin App to use the default icon.
      RemoteProvide the relative path to custom icon for tab; otherwise, the custom app uses the default icon.This field allows you to use an icon from a remote location.
    See Custom Tabs for details about configuring custom tabs.
  4. Before the application displays in the CMS, open IIS Manager and refresh your site's application pool. The new translation manager application is located in Apps > Translation Manager in the CMS user interface.

    TM: Create New Project

Next Steps: Create Translation Projects to manage translation content.