Creating Survey Steps

Prerequisites: Users require at least one of the following:
  • Users require moderator+ permissions for the module to complete this task.
  • If editing an existing survey,Users require contributor+ permissions for the module and must be the item creator to complete this task.
  • If creating a survey, Users require contributor+ permissions for this module to complete the task.

Each step represents a part in the multi-part form that makes up the survey. Add multiple questions to a step and use dependency clauses to decide which questions each user receives based on their previous answers. Use regular expressions to ensure users select a specific answer, limit a text answer to a maximum number of characters, or ensure users enter a valid email address.

To create a survey step:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Navigate to [name-of-folio] > [name-of-survey-module] and click Create Survey.

      Create Survey

    • Navigate to [name-of-folio] > [name-of-survey-module] and click Edit.

      Create Survey

    The Create Survey or Edit Survey view displays.
  3. Click Add in the Survey Steps area.

    Create Survey

  4. Click the new step in the Steps field area.
  5. Enter the following fields.
    NameName of the step that displays in the Steps field area upon save.
    DescriptionDescription of the step.
    Dependency ClauseClause that determines which questions display based on previous answers. See Entering Dependency Clauses for details.
  6. Click Add Question in the Questions field.

    Create Survey

    Add questions to each step as necessary.
  7. Enter the following fields.
    Question TextQuestion that displays to the user.
    Help TextText that displays when the user hovers over the question while taking the survey.
    Question TypeThe type of response the question accepts. Types include:
    • Text
    • Dropdown
    • Radio
    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • Time
    Default Value

    Displays a pre-selected value when each user takes the survey.

    Is RequiredPrevents user from continuing to the next step in the survey.
    Regular Expression

    Code for the .NET regular expression. See Entering Regular Expressions for details.

    RegEx Message

    Message that displays if the user’s answer doesn’t match the regular expression. See Entering Regular Expressions for details.

  8. Repeat creating steps as necessary.
  9. Click Submit.
    If the creator has contributor permissions, the item requires approval from a moderator to display in the module. See Inbox and Role Management for details. The following message displays:
    This item is pending approval by a moderator.
    If the creator has senior contributor permissions, the item automatically displays in the module without approval.
    Cartella saves the survey. If the user selects Ready for Publish, the survey displays in the module.