Uploading Schema Thumbnail Images


When administrators create a page, component, or asset schemas, they either set icons to represent particular schema explicitly or Ingeniux CMS assigns default icons to new schemas. You can replace these initial icons with new images when you edit schemas. This process for uploading a new icon is nearly identical for page, component, and asset schemas.The following (optional) steps demonstrate how to upload a page schema icon.

To upload a new schema icon:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer > Management.
  2. In the appropriate schema Types tab, select the schema you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The schema displays in the Create/Edit view.
  4. Click Upload Thumbnail. The Upload Thumbnail dialog displays.

    Schema Thumbnail in Schema Designer Management View

  5. Drag an image file from your system (e.g., File Explorer) into the Upload Thumbnail dialog.

    Upload Thumbnail Dialog

  6. Click Upload. The image displays as the schema's thumbnail.
    Additional Information
    If you upload a thumbnail image, then the thumbnail displays next to the schema name in the Management view's schema type table. The thumbnail overrides the schema icon in Schema Designer only.

    Schema Thumbnail in Schema Designer Management View

    Version Notes: CMS 10.5

    Click Clear to remove the thumbnail.

    Clear Thumbnail