Authorization Configurations

Ingeniux CMS uses group and user permissions, workflows, and objects as authorization mechanisms.

Authorization by Group and User Permissions

Group permissions serve as the core authorization method in Ingeniux CMS. Administrators can create groups and roles to apply permission sets to users. Permissions allow users and groups to perform operations and access areas and objects in the CMS user interface. Users receive the majority of permissions via group memberships.

Users also have individual permissions. The CMS specifies read/write language permissions for each user. If administrators enable WorldView and users have the appropriate language read/write permissions, users can translate and localize content.

Authorization by Workflows

Users with permissions can use workflow to enable user and group access to CMS operations and content items under specific conditions.

For example, the workflow may only allow the user to access the content item or execute a CMS operation (e.g., check in, publish, advance in workflow) when the content item transitions to the appropriate workstate.

Authorization by Group Access to Individual Objects

Administrators can grant or restrict group access to individual CMS objects.

Example scenarios:

  • If administrators want a specific group to have access to all schemas except for one, administrators can configure security settings in the individual schema.
  • If administrators want groups to have full access and others to have read-only access to content items, administrators can configure node-level security.

Individual objects include:

  • Schemas
  • Content items
  • Presentation content units
  • Page creation rules
  • Taxonomy categories
  • Context menu options
  • Custom tabs
  • XHTML editor tools
  • Publishing targets
  • Publishing profiles

Authorization by Object Restrictions

Administrators can create restrictions on CMS objects. Administrators set the restrictions per object and not user group.

Example scenarios:

  • If users want an asset folder to only contain images, they can configure folder restrictions to only accept .jpg and .png file types.
  • If users want a page creation rules to only apply to specific content item locations, they can limit the rule availability to the node location(s).

How to Configure Authorization Settings

Authorization settings exist in the Site, Assets, and Administration areas.

To access instructions and details about security settings across the CMS user interface, use the following references: