Syncing to an LDAP Directory

Prerequisites: Be sure to configure the attribute values in <UserGroupSynchronizers> before proceeding to the steps below.

The following describes settings for the LDAP synchronizer. Syncing to LDAP imports membership data used to populate groups in Cartella.

To set up the LDAP synchronizer:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Within <UserGroupSynchronizers>, locate the <add> element named LDAP :
    <add name="LDAP" authenticator="Cartella.Authenticators.LdapAuthenticator">
        <QueryInfo addSeat="true">
            <add name="domain" value="domain"/>
            <add name="server" value=""/>
            <add name="userName" value="userName"/>
            <add name="password" value="password"/>
            <add name="distinguishedName" value="OU=Groups,DC=domain,DC=com"/>
            <!--Starting point in LDAP tree to begin searching for groups-->
            <add name="query" value="(&amp;(objectClass=group))"/>
            <add name="authenticationType" value="Secure"/>
            <!--Should be a valid value for System.DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypes-->
            <add name="groupUserKey" value="member"/>
            <!-- <add storeKey="homeDirectory" cartellaKey="share" /> -->
  4. Within the <QueryInfo> tag set, provide the LDAP domain, server, userName, password as well as the following values in their respective <add> nodes:
    distinguishedNameString that uniquely identifies an entry in the Directory Information tree.
    queryQuery specifies what information you are looking for.
    authenticationTypeThe authentication type should be a valid value for System.DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypesenum.
    groupUserKeyMember name of users for a group record in LDAP.
    The <QueryInfo> element contains data used by the synchronizer to connect to the user store.
    Consult with your organization's systems administrator to obtain these LDAP values.
    Once the LDAP credentials have been authenticated, each key value within <UserMappings> is populated with the imported LDAP user information.
  5. Within <GroupMappings>, provide the name of the Cartella group that will contain the imported LDAP user information.
  6. In the example above, the <add> node named storeKey is commented out. You can uncomment this <add> element to create custom fields to complement the other <UserMappings> values.
  7. Save Cartella.config.