Mass Creating Component Content Units from Schemas

Prerequisites: See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

Rather than creating component content units one-by-one, you can create multiple ones at the same time via the Mass Create action.

To create multiple component content units from existing schemas:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units.
    The Management screen displays.
  2. Select the Component Content Units tab.

    Mass Create in Actions Menu

  3. Select Mass Create in the Actions menu.
    The dialog displays.

    Presentation Content Unit from Pre-existing Schema

  4. Select schemas from the Choose From list, and select the right arrow button. Right Arrow Button to move them to the Selected Choices list.
    Select multiple schemas by pressing Ctrl+Click.
  5. Select OK when you finish.
    The following message notification displays:
    Mass create component content units from schemas completed. Note that all content units created are set to be reusable. 
  6. Select OK on the message.
    The new content units display in the Component Content Units tab list.