Setting up SQL Server Database

Cartella stores its data in the Microsoft's SQL Server, which requires setup.

To set up SQL Server:
  1. Navigate to the SQL Scripts folder of your new site. By default, the folder path will look similar to this: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\[Site_Root]\SQL Scripts.
  2. Open CartellaDb.sql with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), version 2005 or later.
  3. Make sure that SSMS is connected to the SQL Server where you intend to create the Cartella database. If prompted, connect to the database engine.
  4. Open the Object Explorer window (View > Object Explorer) and, if necessary, connect the Object Explorer to the server using the Connect Object Explorer button in the upper-left corner of the Object Explorer pane.
    The SQL Server file structure displays in Object Explorer.
  5. Right-click Databases.
  6. Select New Database.
  7. In the window that displays, enter a name for the database that will serve your Cartella instance.
  8. Click OK.
    This creates a new empty database.
  9. Click the tab containing CartellaDB.sql to ensure that it's selected.
  10. In the menu of available databases, select the database you just created.
  11. Click Execute to run the CartellaDb.sql script against the database. This may take a moment.
  12. Verify that the script was executed successfully.

The database is now constructed.

Next Steps: After creating a database for Cartella, you must configure database credentials and security so that Cartella can connect to the database.