CMS 10.6 Viewing Component Instances of Forms

Rather than saving form templates to the current presentation, users can save and embed the form within a new component. Preview and access component instances of existing forms in the Design accordion pane's Content Section.

See CMS 10.6 Adding Child Layouts to Forms for instructions to create form component instances.

To show the component instance listing for forms:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page with the Page Builder presentation, and select the Design tab.
    The Design tab workspace and accordion menu displays.
  3. Expand the Design accordion menu option, and select the Content section.
  4. Optional: Select the List View to view the content units in a list or select the Trays view to display a preview thumbnail of each content unit.
  5. Navigate to the Visual Form Builder - Form component unit in the list, and select the unit's Show Instances Listing icon.
    The component instances of the form display in the list.
    Hover over the component instance to display the instance's xID. You can select the Go to Instance Component icon to navigate directly to the component instance in the Site Tree.

Next Steps (optional): You can add form component instances directly from the Design accordion pane's Content section to your Page Builder presentation. The system automatically adds the instance.