Modifying Default Email Templates

The system runs Default.xslt against an XML file containing user account information. Default.xslt contains the default templates that Cartella uses to generate email notifications. Cartella users receive these email notifications for many common scenarios that are handled by templates in the Default.xslt file:

  • If a problem arises with the current Cartella license.
  • If only a few seat licenses remain.
  • If only a few user licenses remain.
  • After a password change.
  • After a password has been reset.
  • Before the current Cartella license expires.

Suppose you need to change the wording of the email that Cartella users receive when their licenses have expired.

To modify a default email template:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root]\Content\EmailContent\.
  2. Open Default.xslt in a text editor.
  3. Scroll down through the file until you find the template containing the default message:
    <xsl:template match="Content[@EmailType = 'BadLicenseNotice']"> Cartella <xsl:value-of
                select="version"/> license for <xsl:value-of select="company"/> is expired. <br/><br/>
            Cartella will continue to operate with limited functionality. Please contact <a
                href=""></a> for a current license key.
  4. Make the appropriate change to either the text or XSLT tags.
  5. Save, then close Default.xslt.

In this example, the original footer has been commented out, and code for a new footer has been inserted in Default.xslt.

Default footer content prior to modification:

Unedited Footer Content

Modified XSLT within Default.xslt:

coderef href="../../resources/code/default-xslt-1.xml" />

Resulting footer content after modifying XSLT:

Footer Content After Changing XSLT