Reordering Replication Targets


Administrators can use the drag tool or the arrow icons to reorder targets in the Replication tab.
To reorder a replication target:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. Select the appropriate publishing target from the Managing Publishing Targets list.
  3. Click the Replication tab.
  4. Choose one the following steps:
    • Click the replication target's up or down arrow icon to move the target.

      Click Arrow to Reorder Replication Target

    • Click and hold the dots on the leftmost side of the replication target. Drag the target to the new location.

      Click Dots to Reorder Replication Target

      Drag Replication Target

    The replication target moves to the new location.

    Reordered Replication Target

  5. Click Save in the top-right corner of the Publishing Targets view. Ingeniux CMS saves the new order.