CMS 10.6 Testing Email Forms by Example


After setting up processing for an email form, users can test the form before going live with third-party tools. For example, the third-party tool, Papercut, provides a simplified SMTP server for local development.

To test the example email form with Papercut:

  1. Open Papercut, and keep the application open for the remainder of the test.
  2. Complete the following steps to configure Papercut.
    1. Select Options in Papercut.
      The Options dialog displays.
    2. Configure the Papercut to listen on the IP Address127.0.0.1 and on Port25.
    3. Select Save.
  3. Return to Ingeniux CMS, and then navigate to the email form page (e.g., Form Processor) in Site > Site Tree.
  4. Select Preview in the Edit tab toolbar, or select the Preview tab for the email form page.

    Select Preview in Edit tab

    The preview window opens, displaying the completed form.
  5. Add test text within the text field via the Edit tab form, and then click the submit button.
  6. Return to Papercut.
    If the submission successfully completes, Papercut records the delivery.